Why are used BBags priced so high?

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  1. I hope I do not offend any sellers, but very often, I would see a listing that says something like: "my starting bid is same/lower than what I paid for it, including shipping and insurance".

    Does that mean that each time a BBag comes up for sale, the seller has to recover costs, despite having used the BBag in the meantime? Even if not used, the seller would have enjoyed the ownership of the bag. So when sellers start their bids at what they cost them, they basically hope to have enjoyed usage/ownership of the bag for free. Surely if this is the case, the prices will keep spiralling up, since each subsequent owner wants to recover costs.

    I do not think it is realistic to want to recover costs, unless it is a super-rare bag in an excellent condition. Perhaps this explains why some bags have no takers for so long.
  2. Most people price accordingly. There are some rare bags in really good condition that are going to go for at least the amount paid. I haven't seen any bags going for 2k lately. But Balenciaga really holds their value. You can get almost what you paid for it as long as it's in really good condition.
  3. I think the saying "Don't hate the player, hate the game" fits in this situation.

    People are willing to pay close to retail for bags that are in good condition. I have seen loads selling on ebay. I don't think its wrong at all. Wouldn't you want as much money as possible for an item you are selling?
  4. yowza, i don't see anything wrong with trying to get back what you paid for a brand new bag?!?! :shrugs:...or even more $$$ if you got an amazing deal & wanna sell on e-bay for retail...i've lost lots of money, often hundreds of dollars selling BNWT b-bags & it's sooooooooooooo frustrating :sad:...why should a seller be expected to price their bags lower than retail (?)...the "enjoyed ownership but never used it" rationale doesn't hold any water IMO:cutesy:
  5. The older bags are more desirable, so they will call for a higher price. I think the prices are dropping on them because all the fashion mags keep saying that Balenciaga Motorcycle bags will be out for 07. You will still have your dedicated followers who are willing to pay anything for the one they want. I will pay upwards of $1400 for a perfect condition eggplant twiggy.
  6. I am actually not referring to sellers who price around retail, but those who price quite a few hundred above retail. I myself have very happily paid slightly more than retail for hardly-used bags, and have also paid quite a bit more than retail for rare colours. It is just that some sellers price much more than retail for bags with darkened handles and scruffed corners, and when a seller states her starting bid is lower than what she paid for (usually much higher than retail), it irks me because it makes the seller sound like she is telling potential buyers she is doing them a favour by starting the bid so low :Push:
  7. ^^ maybe so, but that's not what you said (?) :shrugs:

    "Even if not used, the seller would have enjoyed the ownership of the bag. So when sellers start their bids at what they cost them, they basically hope to have enjoyed usage/ownership of the bag for free. I do not think it is realistic to want to recover costs, unless it is a super-rare bag in an excellent condition."
  8. ^^^ Sorry, the premise was at the back of my mind, but did not express it properly (my husband always accuses me of saying something but not really saying it completely!)

    My problem is with sellers who buy a bag (whatever its condition) for a few hundred more than retail because of perceived rarity, then want to re-sell it for the same price (few hundred more than retail) when the bag is in less than close to mint condition – just does not seem to be realistic.

    If it is in excellent shape – no darkened/soft handles, no scruffing, unique BBag shine still there – I would have no hesitation in paying several hundred more for a rare colour, and I have done so for a few of my BBags.
  9. It definitely hurts the pocket if you choose the eBay way to get your B-bag sometimes but I can understand sellers pricing according to market demand - some discontinued colors are so rare that people are willing to fork out more. It's a supply-demand thing...
  10. I totally second that.
  11. i think the price is high because certain styles and colors are discontinued and people search for the perfect bbags (specific leather and color) so seller thinks its okay to price the bags higher than retail price....actually just a reflection of supply and demand i guess.... too bad for us then haha :smile:
  12. Its a demand and supply thing.
  13. Ah, but my point is that there are some bags that have been around for over a month that are not moving because the prices are quite a bit above retail, and the conditions are not pristine. If it is a demand and supply thing, surely the bags would have sold much sooner? :confused1: When this happens, my conclusion is that the asking price is unrealistic for the condition.
  14. Those people think they can take advantage of the market. Some peopledon't realize they can call up BNY and order one. There's no excuse for that one, but that seller is paying the selling fees on it, and if some buyer does buy it, that's what they want to do.
  15. Roxane -- I agree with you on the premise of charging retail or retail plus shipping or retail plus paypal fees or retail plus tax for a current season bbag (ie., one that is still available in the stores). If I have the option of getting the bag from a retailer (often that is w/o tax or shipping and is with the option of returning and assured authenticity etc.), I would always go with that route. I cannot see why anyone would expect me to pay for their taxes/shipping/ paypal. That being said, for desirable older season bags, I can see why someone will try and recover what they paid for it (including taxes/paypal/shipping) because it is a hot commodity, especially one that is BNWT. If it is not as desirable, I do sort of expect the seller to absorb paypal/shipping/taxes/ebay fees (at least, I do that with my bags).

    As for older, non-mint, not super desirable bags, I think the pricing is often just skewed seller's perception. If they deemed it worth the price they paid for it, they expect others do to the same. In some cases, they are correct in their expectation. Other times, not so much. The market usually corrects this expectation though because they don't end up getting the price they wanted.

    I think if you have a one-of-a-kind or very rare type of bag though (even one with scuffed corners/slightly darkened handles), then any price is fair game. After all, there really is no established market for these bags.

    I am not sure this was responsive but this is my humble opinion on bbag pricing.