Why Are U All Maen To Me?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

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  1. I Try To Bwe Nice And U Always No Reply To My Things Coz I Posted And No Reply Why U All A Load Of Bastatrds I Nevre Comne Here Again And I Will Report Dis Site So U *****ze Watch Ur Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I H8 U U Whores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go N Die.
  2. lol wow.
  3. I guess some people just have a generic axe to grind, LOL!!!
  4. Go play somewhere else.
  5. sounds like she's 12?
  6. :lol:

    I lost count of how many exclamation points there are in that post.
  7. Trolls are usually a little more creative.
  8. le sigh!
  9. *yawn*
  10. ROTFLMAO! Learn some grammar and spelling!


    {sorry, channeling Jim Carey there!}
  11. swanky VERY GOOD jim carrey impression!! haha
  12. Whew! Glad someone understood it!
    It was my first thought when I saw this posters 1st post! LOL!
    Can't quite convey the hand jive he does w/ it online though! LOL!
  13. Help, alien attack !!! :wacko: :nuts: :nuts:
  14. "....And on today's edition of Spot The Brain Cell....."


    And its mean, ya genius!
  15. Vlad, can't we get a "Banned" sub-forum? I would love to have all threads with meltdowns and dumbsters in one place :nuts: