why are tokidoki so expensive from hawaii?

  1. why???
    I wanna buy the inferno release in March.
  2. i know! i spent over $400 for two foresta re-released bags. omg...why??
  3. its horrible, because, i really want it. I wanna campeggio, wht kinds did u buy?
  4. well, the overall cost of living in hawaii is more expensive....??? idk, but i've bought 19 out of 20 bags at hawaii retail price and it was worth it.
  5. Just the way it is, and it won't change. It's horrible and I think we shouldn't have to pay those prices, but what are we gonna do? They want to kill us with their prices...and block us off from buying from the mainland...but oh yes...of course mainland people can buy from Hawaii....right...Lesportsac makes total sense *rolls eyes*....
  6. it's all about living on an island and having to have everything shippped. they always use that excuse..lol.
  7. They use shipping as an excuse..that's definitely right girl...lolz. Hell, we know we can ship one bag for less than $9...so why do they mark it up like $30? haha...riiiiiiight...Lesportsac is so awesome.
  8. I feel the same lesportsac in hawaii can ship to the mainland ,and mainlad can't ship to hawaii...now that isnt fair...I wish the mainland would...lesportsac in hawaii no matter what they will still make money even if we can buy from the mainland...
  9. Doesn't matter, after all their tokidoki stock is gone..I'm sure Lesportsac will go back to being sucky again.
  10. Why doesn't someone here get a PT job at LSS and do us ALL a favor with the employee discount?? :yes:
  11. I would if I didn't live so far, lol.
  12. Can anyone tell me the mainland prices for each Tokidoki bag? I'm from Hawaii and I didn't think our prices were outrageous. Enlighten me please...