Why are tokidoki bags hard to find?

  1. Anything I have ever wanted to buy I could just google and find literally dozens, sometime hundreds of places that sell it online. And usually it wasn't too hard to find brick and mortor stores too. So why is it so hard to find tokidoki stuff???

    It seems as though there are a handful of retailers... NONE in Colorado that carry the current stuff other than 2 Macy's stores in Denver. And they say they are probably not getting Amore.

    And try to find it online. Macys.com. That's it. The only place that actually has it for sale on line.

    The few retailers that will take phone orders (like Pulse) can't get all the styles.

    And now LeSportsac itself is not going to sell it???????

    Why is it this way?
  2. is it gonna be on the website?????? the lesportsac website???? O GOD IT BETTER B!!!
  3. Nordstrom.com has it too. I'm hoping they will get the amore.
  4. I check the macys and Nordstroms websites daily... I hope they get amore soon! (I don't have any stores near me that carry tokidoki so I'll have to get it online as well)
  5. You could always have us pick out a bag for you and have whatever department store chargesend it. If they dont get it online, you can pm me your number and I can send you a pic via text message so you can see the bag and choose.
  6. yeah i'd be happy to do the same service...if and whenever i find time, if i find any amore bags i'll try to take pictures of the bags and post them for you guys so you can call the stores n purchase them over the phone =)