Why are they still available?

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  1. Corcovado in Pewter - why hasn't it sold out yet? I'm checking out with one now but am worried it sucks in some way and I'll hate it?
  2. I think lots of people are scared of "metallic" finishes. From everything I've heard, it's a great color bag. If I hadn't just bought 2 other corcovados this month, I'd have gone for it, for sure. And I'm not a metallics gal at all.
  3. I am not a metallics girl either. HH metallics are different than others. I hesitate on most metallics because I am not into the bling thing. I have the pewter in the Sloane style. That was the only pewter bag that they deeply discounted last sale and I think a lot of us jumped on it and went with the bronze in the corcovado - which was deeply reduced on a Santa Special. I think that is the only reason the pewter corcovado remains. I think it was just a marketing thing. I am getting the pewter corc in addition to the pewter sloane because my sister borrowed the latter and I haven't been able to extract it from her clutches since then.
  4. I think it's sold out now. I searched "pewter" and couldn't get anything to come up. I searched "Corcovado" and didn't get anything either.