Why are they so pretty but smell so bad?

  1. I wonder, how did some bags getting soooo stinky ? I mean that " old lady old bag smell" ? Anyone who ever bought the vintage bag know the smell. It is hard even to describe it as a smell, it is some kind of nasty stink which came from some really nasty place and I just wonder - who took this pretty vintage Chanel to this nasty place ?:boxing: Why vintage bags usually stink ? Where the smell come from and how to get rid of it ?:shrugs: I saw many bags that I like, but as I imagine the * old lady smell* it turns me down from the purchase.
    I got the bag ones, from E bay, i loved it, but the smell ....I sold it:yes:
  2. There are ways to get rid of the smell. Airing it out works. If not, placing a bag of baking soda inside and sealing it off somewhere for a day or two works.

    lovinmybags.com also sells odor eating candies to put inside your bag. :yes:
  3. I have purchased several vintage bags, but none of them did smell bad.

    Maybe it's because they have been stored in a closet for years and years and not have been used? :shrugs: Bags also need some fresh air from time to time, I guess.
  4. ^Yup. Generally ANYTHING that is stored away in the dark without seeing the light of day or getting fresh air will have that gross, musty smell.

    My mom has lots of clothes stored in a closet in the garage. I went to dig through them to see if there were any good vintage finds, but the smell and all of the dust just grossed me out so I stopped. It's not just bags, it's shoes, clothes, etc.
  5. "Old lady smell???"

    It's animal hide. You should probably expect it to smell like animal hide and after 20 or 30 years, it will smell like OLD animal hide, unless it's been aired out on a regular basis.