Why are they selling Chanels more expensive in Ebay?

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  1. Has anyone bought a Chanel Bag from E-bay? How do you know it's authentic?
  2. I myself am a buyer and a seller so I know why sometimes items may seem a little higher. These are things to consider:
    Ebay fee's, how rare or hard is it to get them item outside of ebay (maybe be sold out, discontinued or waitlist), how bad you really want it and think about how bad someone else may want the same thing. Sometimes there are of course greedy sellers so you can never rule that out.
  3. I've bought and tried to sell Channel on ebay. Just like any other designer sale you ask for lots of pictures, especially of the hologram. The fakers haven't managed to duplicate that yet.
    As for selling on ebay, the fees are high but in my experience sellers over price and buyers are looking for a bargins. I was selling a really cute new small light grey tote with a retail of $1800 for $1100 because I'd stored it in it's black Chanel bag. The bag rubed off on the leather so it's stained. People were offering me $200-$800! The finial buyer didn't pay!
    God, do I sound bitter... should have saved that for another forum. But back to the topic, the sellers who are trying to recoup all the fees, taxes etc, I stay away from. I'd rather wait and buy it from someone who's closet is too full but the bag has hardly been used.
    Ok- done for now :nuts:
  4. for some people out there - ebay is a business... whereas for some others it's a personal selling venture
    its annoying though. i thought the point of ebay was to buy things for less (but this is generally the case)
  5. It started out that way. Used to be a virtual yard sale. At least that's the way I saw it and used it. Easier then setting things up on your lawn and you'd get a better price. But just like most things, when there's money involved someone will make abusiness out of it. So now its kind of tough to find the "yard sale" seller. (I often wonder how much of ebay merchandise "fell off a truck" or went out the back door of a shop. But that's for another forum :confused1:) They're out there, you just have to be patient and look harder.

  6. Yeah, I really thought so too! I thought I can get better deals in ebay but in fact, I found buying a brand new one better because it's just a few $$$ lower than the brand new one! Or even so... some are even higher than the brand new ones from the shops!
  7. if you look hard enough you're bound to find a bargain... maybe i'm just lucky but i manage to keep finding them, buying them, and then i have no money :lol: