Why are they selling Chanels more expensive in Ebay?

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  1. I just noticed... There are a lot of Brand New Chanels on Ebay. How ever.. The disappointing thing is, they're selling it for much more expensive price than the retail price.. For example.. If the retail is $2400, they're selling it for $2600! :tdown:
  2. hmm, isnt that sometimes the point of ebay?
    people who have access to harder to find bags, often post them on ebay with a slight markup....
  3. Don't forget taxes and ebay fees. Those can add up.
  4. I think it depends on how badly you want the bag, I dont think a $200 profit is too bad. It annoys me when they list the item for $1000 more than retail. They are either greedy or a wholesale ebay seller - full time job thing.
  5. supply and demand. but don't worry. chances are, the bags are just going to sit there at those prices and will eventually come down. you can even try to make them an offer even if they don't have that option. I actually got a pretty good deal that way on a bag.
  6. i agree. they also do this with LV limited edition bags like the miroir, cloud bags etc
  7. This has always puzzled me as well, good to know!
  8. yes ebay fees are a lot! i listed a chanel bag and it charged around 50 dollars...plus paypal fees of about 50 dollars! thats 100! :wtf:
  9. Holy cupcakes, the ebay prices have gone through the roof. Obviously, I haven't sold anything in a while.

    I, too, have gotten over being THAT prim and proper and contacted a seller and offered a lower price but only after I've seen it failed to sell. It never hurts to ask; all they can do is say no.
  10. Yes, you have to consider eBay and PayPal fees, which can be upto 8% of the final value fees. So if a seller wanted to recoupe their cost on a bag that cost $2,400 they'd have to list it on eBay for $2,600:yes:
  11. Holy Moly. I had NO idea how bad those fees were. I have quite a few things to list but now....., good gosh.

    I assumed that the higher price was due to taxes. Should I ever sell 1 of my Chanel's, and if it was never worn, I would ask the price I paid for it plus tax. You would pay that anyway depending on where you purchased it. I would be walking away w/a $100 loss anyway. Interesting.
  12. wow! I didn't realize how much the fees were either.
    Thanks for the info.
  13. Because Ebay is the only way to get a chanel bag online
  14. I'm an ebay buyer, never a seller, but I have to say that asking $2600 for a $2400 new bag isn't bad or greedy at all. It's more a break even situation after fees than a profit one, and most sellers are selling to make a profit. When a lot of people are really pushing the limits of what the market will bear, that seems pretty fair. I'd prefer all free bags all the time, but . . . .
  15. Yeah, I just saw a new "grand shopper" on ebay for $100 more than retail ($1999). But I guess if you don't have a chanel store near you, it may be worth it. But thank goodness there are a few in So. Cal!