Why are these sandals $1200+???

  1. These sandals were just posted on Bergdorfs today as part of the new resort collection at over $1200! I love CLs and have myself paid over $1000 for one of his shoes but there is usually a lot more material and detailing that you are paying for once you get over $900. Are these dipped in 24k gold? Or what is the deal here? Is it only me that thinks this particular shoe is way out of line with that price point?
  2. YiKeS! I am faaar from cheap, but...er...um...they can keep 'em! Soooo not worth it. But there's someone that'll pay any price out there!
  3. Does it come with a kidney too?
  4. You can get a Jimmy Choo sandal that is quite similar for $500!
  5. No, it comes with keys to a beamer.
  6. I too am finding that price tag quite incomprehensible -- from that photo alone it just looks like regular metallic leather, not even python or lizard or anything exotic to justify the higher price point. I'd need to see this shoe in person to figure out why it warrants a $1200+ price tag.
  7. Maybe there's gold in the sole. :lol:
  8. :nuts:

    damn.. and now that I was satisfied with my fall/winter/spring options I was starting to look into getting a few sandals for the summer.
    if this starts to become a new habit for CL I might have to get a night job to pay for my addiction ..:sweatdrop:
  9. no idea, crazy money for that shoe IMO
  10. I thought the same exact thing when I saw them.
  11. Hopefully its a typo.
    If his prices rise that high for a simple shoe...the demand for his shoes wont be as high as it is now.
  12. i think it's an error in the prices? it can't be THAT costly, nobody's gonna buy that! it looks so simple and normal!
  13. i think that must be a typo I can really believe that they would be that expensive those should be in the 500s tops
  14. Gotta be a typo or a joke because that's too much money for ugly.:lol: