Why are there so many RM bags on eBay?

  1. Am just curious... there seems to be a lot of RM bags popping up on eBay these days. A lot of these seem like they're new with tags as well. Anyone know why? Is is just people who are trying to make a profit by buying them at a sale and then hiking up the price on eBay? Or are people genuinely disappointed with the bag once they get them and are trying to get them off their hands?

    Just seems odd given how much hype there is around RM and all the rave reviews on this forum. There are a lot of other designers whose bags are sold on eBay, but most of those seem like they're used bags - which leads me to believe the sellers are just trying to rotate bags out of their collections. However, seeing the influx of brand new RM bags makes me wonder if people really are disappointed with the bags...???

    Maybe I'm being overly-cautious... I'm slowly building up to buying an RM bag unseen in real life. But this makes me wonder a bit...

    Any thoughts?
  2. Maybe trying to make room for new-- or they bought too many. I'm very satisfied with the quality & usefulness of my RMs, but there are just so many colors and styles to choose from.
  3. I think a little of both. There were 2 sample sales back-to-back in NY and LA, then at the same time lots of retailers had their giant clearance sales and people were snapping up bags left and right. Many of them probably went to eBayers who kept some for themselves and are selling the rest. Still others are gals who bought with a no-return policy and didn't end up liking it, so are selling. Others wend overboard and now have to sell to salvage their bank accounts!
  4. I can understand that... but if you we're really in love with a bag, wouldn't you at least use it (and take the tags off)?:shrugs:

    I will admit, the variety of colors makes it difficult to decide on what to buy. That's one of the main reasons I haven't bought one yet!
  5. Well, there have been lots of sales lately, and some of them were final sale. I personally will sell NWT bags on ebay if the bag gets here and I didn't like it as much in person as I thought I would. (I often buy RM bags without having seen them in person, because they are hard to find around here.) Or sometimes I am selling bags I like because I want to make room in my closet for another bag I am obsessed with. If I can sell another bag it is easier for me to rationalize the new purchase because then I can use the money to pay for it. :smile:

    Also, I am sure there are lots of other people who are trying to mark the bags up a lot and make money on them, too, because you can find these bags below retail on sale a lot of places and I'm sure some of them will sell for more if that's what your goal is.
  6. Also, I know that a lot of people are unable to see the bags IRL, and so they order two to see which one they like better. If they are non-refundable, the other goes on ebay.
  7. I recently sold a couple of NWT bags on ebay that I bought from a sample sale - not because I was disappointed in the quality, but it was because they turned out to be colors that didn't work well with my wardrobe. They were NWT because I preferred other bags I already had so I never ended up carrying them. So, I sold them to make room for other RM bags.
  8. Unfortunately eB@y is still one of the few places to find RM bags from past seasons. So as newer styles/colors come out, there's a market for styles/colors from past seasons.
  9. I bought 5 RM's all sight unseen, on slightly sale (most of them) in a month! I put one on ebay, not for a profit, but just to cover costs. It's hard to know exactly what you want when there is no place to see them. Also, when you see one on sale you have to grab it or it will be gone. Unfortunantly, this is the only way I can buy or see them and I HAVE to get them on sale.
    No problem with quality, I actually love them too much! I couldn't keep all of them!
    As long as there are no fakes so far I don't really see anything wrong with it. I had never seen one IRL. I bought my first RM bag off ebay NWT and loved it! It was the only way I could find one for what I was willing to pay sight unseen. Now that I know how much I love them I don't mind paying retail.