Why are there so many rare Bals popping up on fleabay lately?

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  1. Ok....I'm going to come off as an idiot and the answer might be obvious to some but apparently, not to me.:confused1: I was just browsing fleabay so that I can post onto the "Bal sightings" thread and HOLY COW! there's a whole bunch of rare, HTF, 2005's (supposedly best leather) and vintage bags popping up within these last 2 weeks. What gives? Is it because ppl are off loading them to save up for Fall? I mean, I've never seen so many pop up at one time and it's just mind boggling:shrugs:
  2. I think it is because prices have been high, so a lot of sellers are trying to take advantage of that.

    I hate to say this...but does anyone else notice a relationship between high bbag prices and the revival of tPF's balenciaga finds thread? I remember when there used to be a whole subforum dedicated to bbag finds..prices sky-rocketed then too.

    Just an observation...
  3. of course they pop up when I have no $ for my dream bag hahah. Actually trying to figure out how I can snag one!!!!

    ^^ I agree w/you fashion junky - the prices are out of control too :sad:
  4. I think the owners saw that fbf black go for $2200 (?) and the navy (without a strap!) go for over $2K a couple weeks ago so they're springing on the chance to double what they paid for the bags.

    I was on ebay this morning & thinking the same thing: so many fbf's, o4's and o5's!
  5. are you seeing bags sell for high prices or being offered at a high price?
    i think in the case of FBF, especially the navy one, it's never been seen before and FBFs are so rare, you kinda expect them to be more expensive...

    it bugs me when buyers set high reserves and or high starting bids, expecting someone to pay alot for a bag...
    if it's up for auction, isn't the whole point to get more people to bid, therefore pushing the price up?
  6. ^^ ditto! i think they would find that the bag would eventually hit a high price if they set it at a fair price to begin with. it's like selling a house - you should interest the buyer, get people excited about it, start a bidding war and then boom - you get the price you want!

    anyway, i guess we'll see if people are really eager to grab those bags at such expensive prices :shrugs:
  7. ^^The only good thing about them starting an item at a high price is that it costs more for them to list it that way. If it doesn't sell it was money lost for the seller.

    But yeah - it's been bugging me too.

  8. i was just thinking about that this morning. It really seems like prices go over the roof whenever there is a subforum dedicated to balenciaga finds...it gets people talking and whenever someone compliments on how beautiful and how good of a condition it is in..it makes people go 'hmm...wow..maybe i should snap this baby up' and that in turn causes a bidding war because someone that wants the bag and has been looking high and low for one and someone who has never even thought of that particular color and style and just wants to own it/add it to their collection/or for the sake of owning such a beauty...it just ultimately drives up the price and i'm guessing that's how a 2006 or even an '07 that you could possibly find in stores go well over retail....:s
  9. Maybe people need money to pay taxes (April 15)?
    I also wonder if the buyers actually pay the sky high prices? Is someone really going to pay $4,000 for an apple green work?
  10. I agree with the coorelation of here and eBay prices... Just the way it is, huh. The FBs prices are just really up there. The FB Hobo in the last several auctions were in the $2K~$3K...:crybaby:But I can understand, it is so rare...
  11. yeah it seems like alot of the fbf's are being listed right off the bat at $2,000 or more! i would thinking the high starting price would turn alot of potential buyers off :shrugs:

    the apple green work that was near $4,000... WHOA.

    i suppose if someone has alot of money then why not? i wouldnt be able to bring myself to purchase a bbag for over retail... but i'm not going to lie, if i had a fbf i'd probably list it for over retail too :lol:
  12. ^^ Good thing fbf is not on my wishlist!!:sweatdrop:
    As for the corelation of the ebay finds and HGs popping up at the same time, I 've not been on the forum long enough to know...so sad to see our HGs just pass us by cause prices are so high
  13. I was soo thinking this too!! So many hgs listed! What is fbf btw?
  14. FBF = flat brass first :yes:
  15. What seems odd to me is there's a bag listed now that has a starting price that 's $1,700.00 with a BIN of $1,800.00 - the bag is new (not a past season with great a desired leather color) - and it's starting price is $200.00 MORE than if you were to call up BNY or NM and just order the freaking thing. Who buys these bags? @#%$^%#^