Why are there so many icey taupe Stams???

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  1. Since the Fall 05 Petrol Stam is sooooo difficult to find ( I've only seen one or two pop up on E-bay), why are there so many taupe F05 Stams available?

    Is it that they produced more of this color or is it just that the people that bought the Petrol are hanging on to them and the taupe owners think the color is not as special and they are ok to part with them?

    I have the taupe stam, which I love. I was able to buy it new with tags on E-bay last year, but no luck on the Petrol. I just think it's kind of odd.

    Does anyone know if there were fewer Petrol Stams made?

    Just curious.
  2. from my understanding, yes. the taupe stam was the one to appear on runway and was the only color that was carried in department stores. i remember seeing it in the nm catalog. the smooth nappa along with the extremely rare colors like violet and bordeaux were boutique exclusives. they sold out almost immediately during the stam craze. apparently, there were waiting lists a mile long. i think the petrol was a boutique exclusive too, but i've seen them on ebay much more frequently than i see violet, bordeaux, or even pearl.

    i think some bags are just loved by their owners more. there are styles i keep seeing over and over on ebay. some of the ones i'm looking for rarely show up if ever like the sweet punk sid or the graphite venetia. i know they're out there, but their owners most likely don't want to give them up. understandably so. same goes with the petrol stam, i suppose.
  3. Thanks for the info, Kim. I did not realize that all colors other than the Taupe were boutique exclusives. I have been seeing so many taupe F05 Stams on Ebay recently. It just seemed odd. I have never seen a pic of the Stams in Pearl, Bordeaux or Violet. I bet those colors would be gorgeous! I can't even find a Petrol, I had better not add one of those other colors the wish list.
  4. the violet is insanely rare. i have only seen IRL pics of one once, on TFS, and once in some pap shots of some socialite...
  5. There's an Icy Pearl quilted venetia on ebay now, if you were just curious about the color. I didn't know the Stam was released in Bordeaux (only seen Venetias and Cammies) Never new violet existed on the Icy Stam either!