Why are there so many fake bags?

  1. Well, we are not going to mention our online boutique or our eBay store, but thought we would share with you this email we got today. We get at least 3 of these each day, most claiming to offer "authentic" merchandise. At least this one has the decency to admit what they are selling. But notice "we buy the real thing from Hong Kong and duplicate it." Makes it kinda silly to refrain from stating certain authenticity points so that "the fakers can't cheat." With millions of dollars at stake, why check it out on the Purse Forum? Just buy the thing and copy it =) ]

    Buy the way, just in case anyone knows our store or eBay ID, we do NOT buy from these people. We only sell authentic items. But we, like most everyone else with an online selling presence, get this every day. Ready? Here it is:
    Hi,Dear Sirs/Madam:


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    Juzt so there is no mistake: we do NOT buy from these people, we do NOT know these people, and we do NOT want to know these people, but they seek out sellers of handbags. We sell only authentic handbags, period, But thought it might be interesting to some of you to see how easy it is to buy fake.
  2. Maybe it is because the famous name bags are very popular, and lots of people buy them, but there are even more people who like the look, or some may even be impressed by the famous name itelf, and because fewer people can afford or wish to pay the prices charged by the famous brands, that means that more people are able and/or willing to pay less, and although the prices some charge for lookalike bags are very high, even running into the hundreds of dollars, with or without labeling that would violate US trademark laws, it is still less than what the famous brands charge.

    If the famous names charged less for their bags, or fewer people bought them, then the market for "fakes," at least those high priced ones, would shrink dramatically, and as the profit margin is significantly less for the $10 ones that fell off the truck and are now available from a car trunk near you, those would also slow to a trickle.

    To make the answer short, there are so many fakes because there is such a large market for them, and there is such a large market for them because there is such a large market for the famous name or "designer" product, so it is really up to that segment of the market that pays thousands of dollars a bag to decide how many fakes are manufactured and marketed! :devil:
  3. Now we get to promote our own websites?????????????? =)
  4. I'm not sure how website promotion relates to my post, can you help me with that?
  5. Sure. I was under the impression that we are not allowed to promote our own sites, eBay listings, etc. on this site. Perhaps I am wrong? You promote yours in your post.
  6. I don't know, but stealing is, to me, stealing. Perhaps if song writers, singers, producers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers, just gave away music, CDs, etc. there would be less demand for pirated music on the internet?
  7. I looked at the site you are promoting and it is, honestly, wonderful and inispiring. We all should do our share. But I also wonder, do you do something to earn your daily bread? What is it? How would you feel if someone took it from you, by stealing it, cheapening it, and telling the world that it was yours (but send the money to them, by the way?) Do you think that would be fair?
  8. Because I don't have either a site or any eBay listings, I'm not having good luck finding where I promote either in the post.

    I'm afraid I will have to ask for your help again!
  9. ^^ I believe she is referring to your link to oxfam, which is an NGO and certainly not self promotion of a business
  10. OP, you asked a question and Shimma was kind enough to give you a pragmatic answer. Not real sure why you are posting snarky, mean spirited posts questioning how she generates income (daily bread). Shimma is a well loved member in this community and we all like to treat each other with respect, even if we don't like the answers we get to the questions we ask.
  11. Well, your own personal values, beliefs, etc don't really have anything to do with the market as a whole, and your question is "Why are there so many fake bags?" :smile:

    To tell you the truth, with regards to downloadable products like media or software, I don't know if it would make much difference in how much downloadable would get downloaded if the companies lowered prices, or even gave CDs and DVDs away free.

    That is a whole different phenomenon, and is an excellent example of first technology, and then culture, getting way ahead of both business and legal sectors!
  12. LOL Well, I am proud to promote Choose a Gift, though I can't claim it as my own!

    IrishGal, I :heart: you!

    Well Rally, I am glad that you visited the site, and if you are able, I hope that you will buy a family a goat.

    My occupation is in my profile, and the question that you asked was "Why are there so many fake bags?" a question that I was more than happy to answer.

    Just as your own personal values are not relevant to either that question or the answer, neither are mine.

    There is a thread in the general discussion forum (link below) where I go on and on at great length on the subject of the different ways we humans view the question of property, maybe you will be interested in reading it!
  13. Good night now.
  14. what exactly is going on? why is this guy saying all this gibberish - I think he is totally sidetracking from the original intended idea...

    But holy gosh man the counterfeit is such a big business - I read this investigative report - saying how they would try to mimic the original as close as possible - so they would buy a piece of the original - take it apart and copy it right down to every detail...

    As long as there is the idea that people are willing to settle for less (especially in cost) then there is the market for counterfeiters... not only bags - but EVERYTHING! I had a friend who went on a tour to see scenic China landscapes - and when he got there be bought COUNTERFEIT EVIAN WATER (can you believe that?) and got major diahrea (sp)....

    But yeah - those kind of emails come up all the time - I sell bags on ebay - and I always get these emails advertising to buy "wholesale" - so its not like its anything surprising... it happens all the time

    Btw ShimmaPuff, although I didn't buy a goat via Oxfam, I did buy a family a cow from World Vision!
  15. uhkiwi, isn't it you to whom I owe mad props for the Oxfam link?

    Good night to you, Rally! I do hope that you will consider revisiting Choose A Gift and choosing one!

    Somehow I get the impression that your objective here did not involve either a discussion of market forces or attitudes, opinions and beliefs through history and around the world on the subject of what constitutes property, which is, I regret to say, about all I have to offer in reply to your question.

    That, and the opportunity to buy a family that goat!