Why are there so few threads about Tods?

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  1. I am a BIG fan of Tods. I think it's so unbelieveably classy and chic, timeless and elegant. I have the Kate Media in large which I think is a great spin on the beloved doctor's bag. But there is no dedicated Tods subforum and few threads about it and so I was just curious. Does anyone carry Tods? Eluxury and Neimans still carry the brand so I have to assume there is a market out there...
  2. I love Tod's too, and wish there were more of us!!

    I absolutely agree the designs are so classic and elegant, and the leather durable and fantastic.

    I only started to buy them this year. There are more expensive than the usual prices I buy, but I have really fallen for them!
  3. I like Tod's stuff as well. Bluefly had a black bensonville listed awhile back, but was already gone by that time I got around to ordering it. :sad:
  4. I also think they are timeless. Maybe because they don't have all the trendy stuff, they don't attract as much attention.
  5. I'm not too familiar with Tod's. I know of them, but I haven't really seen too many of their bags.
  6. I couldn't agree more. Tod's, Hogan, and Bric's are all well made classics that have been around forever, and are REASONABLY priced. I keep seeing the same 5 or 6 brands on this board, overandoverandoverandover. I wish more people were more diverse in their tastes. Tod's is definitely worth discussing.
  7. I like Tod's...but don't love them....the one time there was a bag I was going to take the plunge with I had horrible customer service, so I ended up walking out of the store.
  8. Oh twinkle.tink that really sucks. I'm sorry your only experience with Tods was a bad one. Please don't let it cloud any future desires to take the Tods plunge. I swear you won't regret it.
  9. Was it in a Tod's store or a dept. store? When I was in the Chicago Tod's store, they treated me very nicely, and I don't look very stylish except for my bag; probably had one of my Bottega's on that day. I only bought a clutch/wallet and they were super. What a shame.

    My sister won't go near Gucci for the same reason.
  10. I thought I would add a few pics of my Tods Kate bag...
    Tods1.jpg Tods2.jpg
  11. I really like Tods. I have a D bag and I love it, although I do wish it had a larger interior pocket for the size of the bag. I have it in stark white, so I have sort of put it to "hibernate" in my closet for the winter.
  12. I am always on the lookout for a nice-looking Tod. Would like to add one to my collection.
  13. I love the shoes...:yahoo:
  14. In fact, I'm looking to possibly add a Tods bag for Christmas..but I am always so indecisive...I love the D bag grande though..yummy!
  15. I think everyone should have a Tod's D-Bag in their closet.. it's a Classic!!
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