Why are there no Berlingots on ebay?

  1. Just wondering... is LV still making the Berlingot? And, why are there none listed for sale on eBay? There aren't even any in completed auctions listings.:confused1:
  2. It's probably one of those items that people hardly buy--I can't think of a practical use for it. I have never seen one except in the boutique.
  3. Sometimes the sellers don't know the name of the bag they are selling; so this bag might appear but not be listed by name. Try searching by other characteristics.
  4. Don't think you can make much overhead on eBay with the Berlingot as it is so expensive for an accessory item. There are a few pfers that love these and own both black and white. They're so cute! Like little ice cones.
  5. it's one of the cutest things ever...but i agree..not very functional.
  6. That's what attracts me -- they're just so adorable? But, how do you use it?:shrugs:
  7. Besides spare change....I have no idea what else would fit into it.
  8. Another member post a pic of the Berlingot with many keys inside and some other small items.
  9. what is it? i don't even know what a berlingot is!
  10. they are faked left and right. ioffer always has them. the only belingots i have seen on ebay WERE fake ones, unfortunately.