why are there more men than women

  1. in the rolex forums?

    For ladies, are you wearing watch on one hand and bracelet/bangle on the other?
    don't understand why but I could not adjust myself to wear like that. I think it is too busy if both hands are wrapping those on.
  2. watches are the purses of guys ;)

    and yes i wear a bracelet on the other hand (and one on the side of the watch as well)
  3. ^Totally agree. They get into watches the way that we get into purses!
  4. Yup...

    Some guys are totally obsessed with watches....most of the watch forums are guys....

    And I think that wearing a bracelet with a watch is a nice combo...
  5. I have found the men in the watch forums to be quite helpful, intelligent, and lots of fun. I enjoyed it!
  6. I used to wear a silver bracelet on the same wrist as my watch, then I got a Fope bracelet from Florence and found it was getting too much wear and tear from banging against the watch.

    I like the look of a bracelet and watch together, but I think the bracelet should be silver, not gold. It's too delicate.
  7. I agree too. :tup:
  8. I wear my bracelets on the other wrist from my watch. I don't want them scratching each other!
  9. What's a good watch forum?
  10. timezone is a good one
  11. I normally don't wear a watch when I wear a bracelet or vice versa. But on the rare times I do wear both, I wear them on separate wrists.