Why are there always twice as many members

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  1. in the LV Designer forum?
  2. because twice as many people can afford Louis Vuitton?
  3. :lol:
  4. They certainly are there only because they are not hip to Hermes yet!
  5. Because LV is twice as common?
  6. LOL pampered1...I used to notice that as well...then I thought we were getting closer to their number count!
  7. label whoring?
  8. Because half the ladies and gents in the H forum are perpetually shopping and have no time to post?
  9. Because they all love expensive canvas material with LV's written all over it! Its okay though, little by little they have been sneaking into here and staying here!
  10. In defense of the LV gals, I think that LV these days is often popular with younger gals that are just becoming interested in designer bags. Everyone likes different stuff, and that's ok! :yes:
  11. because LV is limbo.
    now does that make hermes pergatory, heaven... what?:shrugs:
  12. This is my first post in the Hermes forum. I've been strictly an LV and Chanel girl 'til lately, but I've been learning so much about Hermes from you wonderful ladies! I have always loved Hermes, have always thought it was just the ultimate, but also always thought I would never ever be able to own one. Then I got used to the concept of upgrading from Coach to LV, and then jumped over to Chanel too, and now I'm nosying around in Hermes! I haven't purchased anything Hermes yet, and it will probably be awhile before I do, but I'll be oh so educated when I'm ready. Thanks, everyone!
  13. In the 1970's and 1980's LV was very aristocrat...only older successful women could afford it...now, it's :yucky: all over the place. I hope Hermes never becomes as mainstream as LV...I worry because of all the publicity of Hermes lately in the last several years.
  14. This is true,...

    1. Coach
    2. Louis Vuitton
    3. Gucci
    4. Fendi
    5. all the "it" bags and smaller desinger it bags of the moment
    6. Chanel
    7. Goyard - back to canvas
    8. Then they visit the Hermes threads!
  15. ^^I really don't like people knowing what kind of bag I'm wearing...discreet elegance and class.
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