Why are there a lot of bidders that have ***?

  1. It will be initials or letters with *** in between. I see it ALL the time now. Anyone know? Thanks!
  2. I think it is to protect the potential buyers' identities. It keeps scammers from contacting them with alternative "offers" for similar items.
  3. yes it is basically to keep their identity hidden. You can see who won at the end of the auction. On eBay uk, you dont even see a bit if the username once the auction passes 100 pounds, you just see bidder1, bidder2 etc
  4. Oh! That makes sense! I could not figure it out at all!
  5. So, how do you know they're not shillers?
  6. ^ You don't. :nogood: :sad:
  7. That sucks. I asked a question about adding a BIN to an auction and all of a sudden, within a couple hours of the question (and right before the seller responded), there was a bid on it. I looked on the bidder's history and 5% of their bids were for the same seller. Could be legit. Could not. It just looks suspicious IMO.