Why are the topics about JonBenet Ramsey in the celebrities section?

  1. That doesn't make sense to me. Wouldn't that be more of a general discussion topic?

    JonBenet wasn't a celebrity. Sadly, her murder and now the recent confession makes her a celebrity. If we're calling people who are well-known and in the media only because of tragic events happening eithe to them or because of them then we should put topics about Andrea Yates in the celebrities section, too.
  2. I think we need a current events section.
  3. That's a great idea! Or an In the News section. It just feels funny to me to be discussing the Jon Benet Ramsey case in the celebrities sectin.
  4. Oooh Roo, great idea, a Current Events Forum could be just what we need! I think since we got an animal Forum, surely a Current Events one could be justified!
  5. I'll even volunteer to Moderate it- might as well put my news junkie habits to work :nuts:
  6. Roo, can I be co-moderator?
  7. Let's keep recent events in the General Discussion for now. No need to provide additional forums at this point.
  8. Okay, but could we please move the JonBenet topics into General Discussion?
  9. ^this is really bugging you isn't it?

    I'll move 'em!
  10. Sorry, it's just that JonBenet became famous because of tragic events. That doesn't make her a celebrity.
  11. I think it got posted in the Celeb section because the case took on "celebrity proportions"