Why are the Slim Carly's more $$$?

  1. Just wondering if anyone knows why the slim carly's are more expensive than the medium sized carlys?

    The med sig carly is $348 but the slim sig carly is $378. I thought the slim was smaller and that was the whole point? I must be missing something.
  2. The slim is bigger than a medium.. smaller than a large.. it's the middle sized bag for everyone! :biggrin: I believe.. o_o

    A bit bigger ^^
  3. aaah, thank you!
  4. thanks for asking , i was wondering the same thing
  5. you know...i don't get how it can be wider, by a half inch, and still look so much slimmer and NOT stand up on it's own? (that bothers me with certain bags...)
  6. ^^^^It has to be a misprint because I saw it today and it's only 2-2 1/2 inches wide.
  7. Yeah someone called JAX about the slim Carly and it is misquoted as being 5 1/2" wide on the website.
  8. people pay a lot more to be thin :p
  9. Haha.
  10. Yep. I agree. I saw them on Sunday and they are definitely only a couple of inches wide and don't look to stand up on their own. Not a deal breaker for me. I like the size also but I'm not wild about the trim. It doesn't look nearly as nice as the regular Carlys.
  11. Thanks for clearing that up. The blue color looks stunning, but I was really confused as to why it was being called "slim" when all the dimensions were bigger!
  12. The slim carlys are thinner width wise but definitely bigger dimension wise! It's a great in between bag.
  13. lol...thanks for clearing that up for me! that makes more sense now

    2.5 inches wide? Dang...I have a WRISTLET that is that wide.

    waaaaaaaaaay too slim for me...that would drive me bonkers. Keeping fingers crossed that DH gets me the medium carly for Christmas (heck - I surrendered my PCE card to him! hehe)
  14. I like the increased strap length & drop, but I'd prefer the reg. width of the carly. Too bad :sad: (still I MUST go try them out for myself)...lol

  15. I think I'll be passing this bag up for now, I may decide I want it later...but right now I have my eye on the chocolate sig duffle :graucho:
    Plus the next Carly I get, I really really really need to get the large black leather.