Why are the Madison bonded totes no cheaper at the outlets?

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    These just came out and are $598 at the outlets , $398 for the small, which is the same price they were at coach.com . I could have used a 25% off code and got it for less than the outlets are selling . Any know why this tote isn't discounted at the outlet? Hoping to find one in Florida next week !
  2. They r 50 off at outlets
  3. Well 50% off of $598 would've closer to $300, but the manager said they were $598 when I asked. Again that's the price they are on the regular Coach site. Did you see them somewhere for less ? Thanks
  4. Did you have her apply the coupon? My store will tell me the sticker price but then you have to subtract the current outlet discount.
  5. When I went last weekend, they were 50% + 10% off
  6. a friend purchased one yesterday at outlet for 50%.
  7. Did you have someone scan it? I don't always go by what SAs or managers verbally say bc often times it rings up differently in the system.
  8. Is this bag at the outlets? I thought it had NOT been deleted yet.

  9. When I was in FP on the 15th, they had already pulled them off the shelves to send to JAX. They were replaced by the saffiano versions.
  10. Yeah, but they are still on the website
  11. Deleted
  12. Not all were sent to jax. Some are at stores and a friend sent me pics from her store as did another got one from her stre. Fp wants you to think they going back to jax !
  13. All outlet....at 50% off!

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