Why are the Coach wallets so expensive?

  1. Some of the small French purses are almost priced like or even more expensive than the small pouches and swingpacks. I thought the newest patchwork wallet is so beautiful but when I looked at the price, I thought if i added a few more dollars, i'd be able to buy a bag!
  2. They are expensive - but it's been my experience that they hold up much better than some other lower priced brands.

    I tend to overstuff, pack, carry more cards in each slot than is called for, and they still keep their shape. I only have one that won't snap shut when really stuffed. The only one that I hated was the Legacy leather slim flap -- had MAJOR issues with that thing and back it went.

    I have two French Wallets, an accordion zip, and two other smaller wallets-more of a billfold type with an outside pocket (not sure of name), and they are great. I've found most at the outlets, so the cost was a bit less. I think I'm going to bite the bullet today and order another accordion zip.

    The only other brand that I think works well is Fossil leather - they tend to get more squishy and soft as they are used. Also can be stuffed to the gills! I'm currently on the hunt for a Lovcat wallet (saw it at Saks5th and didn't get it, went back two days later and GONE)....they're less expensive and come in great colors. I've also heard good things about these.
  3. i know! i want to get a french wallet, but they're so expensive! a little bit more money, and you could get a purse.

    i only have one coach wallet, its from the vacaville outlet.
  4. I don't know if this is the answer but...

    I've worked in shoes for a looong time and I found out why baby and children's shoes tend to be almost or just as expensive as adult shoes, even though they use way less materials. It's because of the labor. It takes a lot more work to sew and put together a pair of tiny baby shoes with adult sized hands (or any sized hands) than to put together a pair of adult shoes.

    So maybe the same goes with wallets? There's a lot of detail and intricacy for such a small thing...

    But I'm with you, I wish they weren't so expensive because I'm a girl that has to have matchy-matchy!!! I'm currently on the hunt for matching wallets for my white Ali and rose Legacy flap but don't want to pay an arm and a leg!!
  5. I have not been to Coach at the Vacaville Outlets yet ( I'm in Sacramento) is the drive worth my while, do they have good stuff ? :smile:
  6. I have a coach framed french purse, and it does hold up really well. I bought it because I planned on using it for several years, and so far it's been great.

    I agree on the Fossil leather--they have some gorgeous wallets, and they're priced much lower--I've seen many at the outlet for about $25. They can take a beating and still look gorgeous.

    I really loved the framed french purse style, though, which is why I decided to get it. Check the outlets, too, because they often have great deals on wallets.
  7. You're most probably right.