Why are some sellers so rude?

  1. I sell on eBay and always answer any questions people send me-i don't understand why others can't or won't!

    I have been buying pants for my son yesterday and today-I found a grouping of 4 pairs of Levi's that I am thinking of buying him-really good price. The picture in the auction looks like a stock photo to me-I have kindly asked for pictures of the actual pants and also if there are any rips or stains on them (the auction says good used condition). And, no answer!

    Same thing a few days ago with a woman selling a linen napkin-I emailed her twice and no answer. Argh-why are people so rude???
  2. i cant stand rude sellers, but in my opinion sellers who use stock photos are always sketch. i think they get irritated when you interrogate them because they're faulty sellers. those are probably not the type of sellers you should buy from. ive sold jeans on ebay and have never had a problem with measurements/pictures, answering questions, etc. so i dont suggest buying from rude sellers! also im bitter cause i still have to get my money back from paypal. ebay is not my friend.
  3. If they don't anser- they have something to hide IMO

    I often read a sellers feedbacks etc. and If I see that they have left rude FB for people or if their listing just sounds rude (like if the first thing in their listing is "Don't bid if you don't plan on paying") then I don't buy from them (if there is competition)

    Also - I hate it when you ask a question like - "How much is shipping" and they answer like this "$12.00" No - "Thanks for your question." or even "Hi"

    :rant: sorry - stole your rant :yes:
  4. If they won't respond to me, I don't bid
  5. I think I'd rather have no answer than someone who is snippy with his/her response. No answer = no buy. When I get a rude answer, I don't feel like buying, but I take a couple things into consideration...was my question appropriate (as in, it could've been answered on the auction, did I state nicely, etc)? Does this person sell a lot? I try to look at both sides.

    In the end, I almost always end up not bidding.
  6. These sellers know little of customer service. They are not worthy of your time, energy or money. If they won't answer your simple question imagine what it will be like if you need to return the item for any reason. It is an ugly thought. In this case I believe the seller is hiding something.

    There is nothing nicer than a kind and respectful answer to your question. Sellers need to learn this lesson early on.

    Good luck in your search since I'm sure you will find a seller willing to answer your questions. :yes:
  7. Same here. I don't even bother to stress about it. I just live and let live. Someone else is getting my money.