Why are some returning or selling Petrol Spy's

  1. Here's a question.

    I know that the Petrol Spy is one of the most rare and sought after colors (atleast on this forum).

    But I have noticed that many ladies in this forum who ended up getting one ended up selling them or returning them.

    I'm wondering why?
    Is it overated? Hard to match? Just curious?:hrmm:
  2. perhaps hard to match? tho man! i would LOVE to have a petrol spy!:heart:
  3. me too, but maybe it is too loud for some?
  4. :blink: petrol is hard to match?

    let me tell u its the ONLY bag i can carry with whatever am wearing.. it has a very unique shade of blue ... i reallly adore...

    ahhhhhhhhh ... am sooooooo in love with it:heart:
  5. I LOVE the petrol too!
  6. It's not hard to match...unless your entire wardrobe is colors that clash with it. I've been using it for a few weeks straight without having to think too much about what I wear.

    I wish people got rid of their GREEN Spy bags because they thought it's hard to match because I'd love to get one for myself!
  7. I have a petrol and it is as hard to match stuff as blue jeans
    This shade of blue is even more versatule than black, I would say, cos it is both formal and casual :yes:
  8. I'd happily go naked, with JUST a Petrol Spy... :smile:
  9. petrol is easy to match!