Why are some people so inconsiderate ?

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  1. Is it just me - but why do people nowadays seem to have SO much less consideration for others than before ? This isn’t a “lets go back to the good old days” rant – but I’ve just been thinking how much better people’s lives would be if others were more considerate.

    It started when I was in a local gallery yesterday which sells artworks plus gifts. I went to buy something and actually couldn’t get to the cashier because a group of people were standing by the cash desk talking. They all saw me (plus another customer wishing to purchase something) but just couldn’t be bothered to move a few feet away – they just stood there talking loudly as if they were the most important people in the whole world. The cashier had to ask them politely to move. Then today I went to a restaurant with my family. My Dad piped up during the meal that he was enjoying it as it was the first meal he’s had in years which hasn’t been ruined by kids screaming, babies crying, kids vomiting or running around causing mayhem. So I realised I wasn’t the only one who felt this way !! Maybe others may say it’s OK for babies to go to restaurants and in some cases the parents may have no option – but why take a kid along to spoil the occasion for others ? Many are too young and should be at home with babysitters (especially in the evenings) and older ones should have been taught manners to behave properly when out. My pet hates are :

    - mobile phones going off in the theatre/cinema/church etc . Why can’t they be turned off beforehand (unless there’s an absolute emergency or why can’t it be on vibrate)?
    - People who talk and eat their way through plays/films so you can’t hear and then miss things. Also people who turn up late for things (i.e. concerts) therefore disrupting everything
    - Parents who take young kids out when they (the kids) simply can’t behave and ruin the evening out for other families/couples
    - Parents who view their offsprings bad behaviour with indulgence or indifference
    - People who talk loudly (on public transport/restaurants etc) believing that obviously their own life is more important than yours and they simply have to let everyone in the vicinity know about every boring minutiae of their life.
    - People who think they have a God given right to ignore any social niceties (see my experience in the gallery)
    - People who smoke and let it blow over your table and food
    - People who think that their time is more important than yours.

    Am I unreasonable ? I do try and consider others as much as I can (I know some things are out of our control) such as switching off my phone before going into a theatre or whatever. I do realise that things go wrong but many people don't bother doing anything about it. If I had a kid having a tantrum I would take it out or try to placate it - I just wouldn't leave it to annoy and upset other people.

    OK rant over. :cursing: Phew !!
  2. People in today's society are caught up in their own world. Sad to say they are extremely insensitive to others around them making them rudely obnoxious and inconsiderate.
  3. Ugh I know what you mean. My pet peeves are:
    *those gigantic car carts for kids that they have in grocery stores. I don't know how many times I've been hit in the heels by them..half the time the kids aren't even IN the car part, they're running around the store.
    *Another one is rude stroller pushers..I'm sure not ALL are like that but I hate the feeling of people being RIGHT on your heels to the point that if you stop, they'll run right into you.
    *Those skate shoes kids wear all over the place..you can be walking around in a store minding your own business and a kid will zoom right in front of you.
    *Also, people who let doors slam in your face or if you hold the door for someone, they don't acknowledge you.
    *When people reach over you if they see something they want on a shelf at a store. No 'excuse me', just a reach.
    *When you're walking somewhere and people are walking towards you about 5 people across like a blockade so you have to move out of their path.

    And I completely agree with what pinki said.
  4. Here, here!
    I was taught to hold doors open, say yes ma'am and no ma'am. I do my best to change the ring on my cell phone to silent when in church or a theater. I also think it is rude to answer a cell call while talking to someone (unless the call is a real emergency).
    What little t.v. I watch seems to glorify rude behavior. I was at a friends house and they were watching some show on mtv2 where two groups of punks were trying to get even with each other or something. God what a bunch of loosers.
    If everyone on the Purse Forum could do one nice thing a day for someone else (nothing big, just let someone out in trafic, smile and say good morning, etc.) we might just start a "polite revolution"
  5. LOL ALL of the things people have listed here drive me crazy!!! I especially feel that a large majority of the children today are not well behaved...as a direct result of their parents :sad:
  6. Think I will LOL
  7. I so agree that society has deteriorated, I was brought up with manners & my children have manners they never went wild in a supermarket or anywhere else. They never drew on the walls or broke ornaments & I never used corporal punishment on them, just taught them respect by taking to them from an early age!
    It drives me mad that people today don't say "Thank you" anymore. When I was married I kept a list of each wedding present & who gave it to me, then afterwards I wrote a thank you letter to each person. I have got very few thank you cards or letters for presents that I have given. You don't give a present seeking thanks but it is only manners!
    Also i find that people today are so wrapped up in themselves that they forget to be thoughtful. I would always put myself out to enquire about someone who is ill. There are people that I have spent hours listening to their problems in the recent past & who didn't even enquire if my mum was living or dead after her recent surgery, that is hurtful! have to mention that i got many good wishes from members here & I appreciated that!
    To be thoughtful & mannerly costs nothing & means a lot!
  8. I really really hate it when I purchase tickets to a performance and the people in back of us won't stop talking. This happened to my DH and I at a Cirque du Soleil performance, tickets over $100 a seat.
    During intermission I managed to rather indirectlly communicate my unhappiness with them by conversing rather loudly with my husband about it.
    They are lucky we didn't ask them to shut up directly. I think they were so clueless they didn't even realize how obnoxious they were being.
  9. I agree with the above!! People are rude! And, they seem to a lot worse than they used to be. I am in Scottsdale AZ (also known as SNOBBSdale) and the people are ruthless!! Needless to say I am moving out of state soon!
  10. I hear you ladies!
  11. I agree with ALOT of what everyone wrote! I will put in my own "Wait!"...if it were not for the big car cart I couldn't go food shopping! I have three little one's who are very well behaved but...need the cart. I also need the big stroller AND a handicapped stroller for my 5 year old who can not walk well. I think people have to make allowances for all people and have manners and be accepting of all people. I hold doors, my older son's hold doors, we are polite. When you have alot of kids people stare, make rude comments like they have the right to. I am like a drill seargent...my kids stay in line! We stay out of people's way, I promise! But the supermarket HAS to keep that big cart!!!! ;)
  12. Amen, sister!

    I walked my dog all of two blocks today. I nearly killed myself, almost nobody shoveled or salted after the last snow (I think it was last week?), everything is icy, and it snowed a little this morning, just enough to cover up the ice so you can't see it well.

    I would be happier if I never had the leave the house again. I can't tolerate being in public anymore. :sad:
  13. In that case it's completely fine. It's the people who are right on your heels with them and who have screaming kids running around up and down the aisles..the carts aren't even doing any good lol since the kids aren't IN them. :lol:
    You sound like a great parent lol..my parents were just like that! IMO people are too afraid to be a parent these days and don't ever want to do anything to upset their kids or make them mad, which is sad.
    Anyway, I wish there were more people like you here! :yes: :p
  14. ^^ BTW, I always love your posts!!! Thanks for the above...and believe me I always shake my head too at the kids today! :lecture: (sorry couldn't resist the smilie, so cute!). The mouths on some of them are unbelievable.