Why are shoes that are good for your feet so UGLY?

  1. I just got diagnosed with heel spurs and talked to my podiatrist about the kind of shoes I should be wearing. What they have at the office, and what I see in foot health catalogs and walking stores are so frumpy and ugly (like these http://www.footsmart.com/Storefront.aspx?productCategoryId=13). I would like to be good to my feet, but I know I'll be sad and depressed if I had to finish off a cute outfit with ugly, clunky shoes that are totally not my style. I thought Dansko clogs or something similar would be ok, but the podiatrist said no because I don't drive and walk a lot. I always thought my Camper shoes were also relatively foot friendly, but she said they don't give good support.

    If anyone has any recommendations on CUTE shoes that are also good for feet, bring them on!
  2. I have the same question ... and I'm betting this thread is going to be short... ;) (hope I'm proved wrong). The only shoes that remotely fit this category for me are Danskos, and they are still kinda clunky looking ... and why does your doctor nix Danskos?!?!
  3. because everything thats good for you is basically unattractive. or someting like tha.t
  4. Man, this is a tough one! I almost have C width feet which is pretty wide and means I have to go up a half size when I get shoes. But if that looks silly I have to pass. Shoes with thin straps around the toes and instep? Fugedaboutit. :P

    It sucks that people think women with wide feet have no taste in shoes. :rant: :censor:

    I guess my best advice is to shop around for designers that work with your feet. I find that via spiga, for example, are cut fairly wide and work with my foot structure. Addidas and Merrell work for sport shoes...both have a wider toebox, IMO.
  5. She said they're good for standing for a long time and not walking too much (she has a pair herself), but they're not made as walking shoes so it wouldn't work with the amount of walking I do.

    Thanks for the tips! I'll see if I can find some Via Spiga and Addidas in styles I like. New Balance makes sneakers for people with foot issues, but they're not my style; I wish they'd apply their retro styles to the ergonomics of the motion control shoes.
  6. Check out the new Aerosoles designs. I've found some seriously cute shoes (with THREE INCH HEELS!) that I can actually wear comfortably. I've got arthritis and tendonitis in both feet AND a bunion on the left and find their shoes really comfy.

    Here's a link to Zappo's with their Aerosoles collection. Hmm. Seriously cute stuff here. Time to shop!! :wlae:
  7. i had to read this thread, bc i'm wondering the same thing.
    i wear danskos to work and think they are so heinously ugly! at least mine are relatively okay looking compared to everyone else's clogs, lol. they are so clunky but they are really good to stand in which is great if you're on your feet alot like i am sometimes.
  8. Do they run narrow? My foot is slightly wide but can wear regular width in many shoes. Thanks!:smile:
  9. Check out Taryn Rose shoes (PRICEY) but she used to be an orthopedic surgeon and designs with style and comfort in mind
  10. Thanks for the tips, ladies! Keep them coming. I feel more hopeful now.

    I didn't know that Taryn Rose used to be an orthopedic surgeon.
  11. Not the Aerosoles I have. They are medium width and the ball part of my feet are wide. My HEELS however, are quite narrow so on top of all my other feet problems finding a shoe that fits and feels good is a challenge.

    Do you shop with Zappos now? If not, you can order shoes (or bags) and take a full YEAR to return them as long as you've not worn them. They also have free shipping and free return shipping. Great place. I LOVE Zappos!! That being said, order a few pairs of Aerosoles, give them a good walking in your house on the carpet and if they aren't for you, just tape up the box, slap on the return label and you are home free! Zappos actually processes orders and returns VERY quickly compared to anyone else I've done online shopping with (that includes about a million places!). Another reason I like them!:tender:
  12. Greentea that's EXACTLY what I was going to say!! I have a pr. of ballet flats that are cute and not clunky at all....and I also agree that Zappos is an amazing place to shop - and they do take returns as they say with no questions!
  13. I totally agree with Taryn Rose - she has some cute flat shoes. Ballet flats are cute, and I just picked up a cute pair of Lacoste Mary Janes for a sportier look. Pumas are great too for sneakers - stylish and trendy.
  14. So smart Greentea...I was going to say that myself!
  15. I would definitely recommend Taryn Rose. Pricey, but I heard they're comfortable.