Why are Ralph Lauren wallets so much more expensive?

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  1. I'm looking to buy a brown, leather wallet for my boyfriend.

    I've looked at Kenneth Cole, Tommy Hillfiger, Nautica, Lacoste, and Ralph Lauren. While Kenneth Cole, Nautica, and Tommy retail at the $40-50 range, Polo Ralph Lauren retails at $85-$100. I thought they were the same caliber - why the price jump?

    Also, where can I get these cheapest? I've heard of good deals at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc - anyone get them there?

    Finally, what brand wallets are best? I want him to look good. My price range is <$125.

    Thank you!
  2. Um, anyone?
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    Ralph Lauren is a higher tier brand than the other mid tier brands you mentioned. Also, there is a range of price for Ralph Lauren wallets, with Polo being the least expensive (unless Ralph decides to make a Lauren brand wallet) and Purple Label (usually called just "Ralph Lauren" on the site) being the most expensive.

    You'd also think Ralph Lauren would use a higher quality leather than a brand like Nautica.

    Have you looked at Cole Haan? They have sales (I often see 25% off), and their leather quality is very high. Kenneth Cole also has very frequent sales for anywhere from 30 to 40 percent off.

    As for what brands are "best", the wallet I've had that has held up the best (extremely little wear and tear) is Louis Vuitton, but that's out of the price range you specified. I had a Guess one get destroyed VERY fast, and a Geoffrey Beane one that held up quite well.

    I know many, many guys are very happy with Cole Haan, Coach, and similar brands. I think you get a better product buying from an accessories/leather specialist, as compared to buying from a clothing company that licenses out their accessories.

    The largest men's wallet display I've seen at an off-price store is definitely at Nordstrom Rack.