Why are people so intiminated by LV SA?

  1. It seems over and over that people are so bent out of shape and intimidated by LV sales people. I just don't get it???? While I never had any problems with them, it seems to be the norm for rude attitude towards customers.
    They are working a retail job, big deal so it is for LV--that does not make them GOD....... I think that they must enjoy feeling they have some power over people by the way people react and not call them on their rudeness....
    I mean if each time someone was rude to you in LV and you stood there and told them how rude they were and asked for a manager or took out you cell phone and called LV corporate right there on the spot maybe their so called power would not exist. I have quite a few friends who work in high end retail and they treat their customers very well, even smile at the rude ones but to them it is their job and they do what they can to help a customer. It seems like the younger people get scared and just walk out of the LV stores without buying what they one. Why?
    It is just as easy to stand up for yourself and let them know you won't put up with their crap. It would be interesting to see if anyone actually confronts rude SA instead of walking out of the store. It seems like there are so many stories of how people are ignored, ect. This has been a problem for one of my friends who loves Gucci and shops on Worth Ave. in Palm Beach there, well she finally got sick of their attitude and has said quite a few things to the people working there and now always comes out with what she wants and gets good service. So I think instead of running out of the stores people should confront and stop the bad behavior. If so many people did this from TPF I am sure some of the SA would be quite confused. I really don't understand how anyone can be afraid of speaking up their mind in what they want and what they expect when they spend good money.
  2. SA's are afraid of me :biguns: im too picky
  3. I never got any attitude like that form LV SA, but I think on a forum like this you end up hearing more about the bad experiences than the good ones, because the goods ones are more common, "the norm". I have never seen IRL any LV SA treat anyone badly or without respect.
  4. It's because bad news travels faster. While no SA has been rude to my face, nor have I seen one being rude to a customer, their "willingness" is somewhat lacking IMO, at least in one store here anyway (In another LV store where I am, the SAs are lovely!).

    I guess the reason as to why some people don't speak up or complain right there and then is because they don't want to cause a scene or make a huge deal out of it. I for one am not confrontational, and would rather walk out and not buy anything there anymore if they don't deserve my business.:true:
  5. It is true that bad news travels faster. For every rude SA, there are probably at least 10 nice SAs that never get mentioned on this board.
  6. i absolutely agree 100% :yes: somehow this "bad news" also ruins people's first LV experience because they would go in expecting the worst. there are also some people with huge chips on their shoulders and would only perceive everything and everyone in a bad light.
  7. These are 'retail sales associates' you're talking about. They're not brain surgeons or rocket scientists. Why would anyone be intimidated by someone who works in a store? I've only encountered one LV SA who was snooty and rude & I called him on it. Most others were always pleasant and helpful. It's their job to provide good customer service - not make customers feel uncomfortable.

    What bugs me is the stupid, uninformed' SA's. There IS an SA in the Boston boutique who is not very bright. She's knows nothing about the names of the bags or how to check inventory. On three occasions she told me they didn't have an item that I was looking for (I called ahead each time to make sure they had what I was looking for before making the trip). Each time they did have it but I had to get a different SA to find it for me. She also told me that a certain Epi bag didn't come in the color I wanted when it did. I knew 10 times as much about the LV models than she did. This is my pet peave - when the SA doesn't know what they're talking about. Rudeness I can handle. Ignorance is annoying and a waste of time.

  8. :roflmfao:
  9. I think it depends on what age you are. For example, I am 19 and for about a year I had wanted to go into LV but was too scared, even the shop seemed intimidating! Even though i shop in selfridges all the time, in other high end stores in selfridges!
    The first time I just browsed and no one was rude, same the second, but a few times after the SAs were so rude i complained. Even though they have sent me a gift apologising and I received a phone call I have not been back since. Im going at the end of the month with my SO. Hes big! lol and the SAs are always super nice when im shopping with him! So thats my answer, im getting better, sticking up for myself but I do think it comes with age!
    My Nan gets the best ever service no matter where she is, and when someone is rude to her she always looks at them and says

    "are you in the right job?"
    They dont know what to say! lol
  10. It is not very easy for some people to call others on their rudeness, make a scene, etc. It took many years for me to be able to stand up for myself to a stranger. Now, if I am really offended I will step to the plate.
    I have to mention that people who threaten the manager or cause a scene over the tiniest slight are just as rude and obnoxious as an SA. Even though an SA is "just a sales associate", they are people too and should be treated as such. JMO
  11. Sometimes I think it depends on your age. When I was a teenager and I lived in Paris, my mom always wanted to go shopping with me in the boutiques at Avenue Montaigne. But I was very reluctant because I felt the SA's were rather pretentious, not because of anything they did but just the way they would check you out from head to toe. I felt uncomfortable. But now I'm in my 30's and couldn't care less what the SA's think.
  12. I don't think we should be intimidated by ANYONE. LV SA, brain surgeon, poop scooper, whatever!
  13. ^ITA

    I rudely treated with my first experience when I was 16. Nowadays I speak up and complain to management. Customers should never allow SAs to intimidate them no matter the age.
  14. Definitely not intimidated by them, I just get PO'ed when I get bad service from one.
  15. They are afraid of me, not the other way around lol. I am scared of no one. If I want to see something I will literally interupt a conversation SA'S may be having with other SA'S, if its with a customer, I dont thought just to be nice, but at LV I am treated like WHITE GOLD, not just gold lol. other stores seem to ignore me but then I open my big mouth lol