Why are people so cruel?

  1. Today I was in class and my teacher was telling my congrats on getting into NY Med Grad School (since I got into the Epidemiology program last week) I was so excited about that because it IS a great school, wayy beyond my league and I never thought I woulda gotten in, but I was thrilled I did... then this one kid blurts out: "Shes just doing public health, any idiot can do that.. thats like the watered down version of any type of schooling at all etc. etc.." and I just shocked, and so was everyone else.. and the worst thing is that no one said anything!! I guess I depend on people to stand up for me, but other than that I was absolutley appalled that someone could be so blatently rude in public..

    I was so hurt throughout the class I started getting teary and had to keep wiping it away.... :crybaby:

    I just hate people sometimes...
  2. People are just jealous....remember that!
  3. That person just sounds jealous and bitter... try to not let it affect you, even though it's hard. I'm sure you deserve the admission to that university, since why would the university waste admission on an idiot? (Especially in something as important as medicine...) You worked hard to get where you are now, be proud of yourself. :flowers:
  4. Yup I agree, sounds like sour grapes to me.

    And congrats to you!!
  5. agree w/ savvyblonde... perhaps it's jealousy.

    I am shocked that your teacher didn't say anything in response to his rude
    outburst! Don't let him rain on your parade... be proud of your achievements.

    And I also want to say congrats, and I wish you the best in your education and career goals! :yahoo:
  6. Congrats to you!!! Be proud and ignore those idiots. I think the evils and hatred are from bitterness of other peoples failures. They need to underplay your good work to make their own lousy work look better by comparison. Jealous haterz!
  7. Jealousy, pure and simple. Don't let that rude f*ckwit ruin your happiness. Congratulations on getting into your program!
  8. Hang in there! Congratulations on you acceptance to the program! As others have mentioned, people are mean and envious and RUDE. Do you know this person? What's their problem? In any case, you will be much better off soon and hopefully will not have to deal with idiots like that kid.
  9. Mediocrity always attacks excellence. Be proud of yourself and stand tall. Congratulations!
  10. CONGRATZ!! Never mind the idiot!
  11. Keep up the good work. Don't ever let other peoples insecurities wear you down.
  12. I know I was shocked no one said anything either, I guess they were all amazed as well...

    thanks for all the support guys :heart:
  13. ^^ ITA!:yes:

    CONGRATZ!!be proud of urself..let the dog's barking..but u keep climbing up to the top:p
  14. awww that's so mean. =/
    Don't let his dumb butt get you down. He's just mad because he didn't get in!
  15. How awful, but yes they are jealous and spiteful and want to ruin your glory. You did great, remember that!