Why are people hating on Balenciaga??

  1. they're just haters - jealous
    or they're bag designers and want people to buy the latest fad bag

    b-bags rule, period. more for us addicts, i guess, right?;)
  2. I think non-Balenciaga lovers might be getting tired of seeing them being carried by so many people. I don't care that they are on the arm of every other celeb - I love them and will carry them no matter what.

    Also, the fact that they are so popular only testifies to the bags greatness.
  3. there are haters for everything. just ignore them and like what you like.
  4. circoit: I'm with you all the way! When I started carrying Balenciaga back in 02, it was still very rare, coveted and not many peopel knew about it. Now, with so many people carrying bbags and so many knock-offs available, I get asked sometimes why I'm not sick of it yet. Heck, I've been carrying solely Balenciagas for 5 years and haven't gotten sick of them, and I never will!
    No matter what anyone else says about it, I'll always be on their side:love:

    bagnshoofetish: Exactly! Who cares who's carrying what or what anyone else says, what's important is what you like!
  5. I do not follow trends and since bbags are pricey, I choose the motorcyle style because of its timelessness. Some other styles I must admit are trendy, but the motorcyle style is definitely a classic.
  6. The B bag will always be a classic! There are people who hate everything LOL
  7. I love Balenciaga. However, there ARE some styles that are a little dated and some colours that look too dull
  8. i don't care what some random website with some random author has to say about bbags...who made their opinion worth anything? they're not exactly vogue, are they? ;)

    i will continue loving what i love regardless! all that matters is that we love these bags and they look good on us. :yes:
  9. These kind of articles come out about b-bags a couple times a year. Screw it, Liz! B-bags rock!
  10. Maybe s/he just has multiple personalities, and just happened to love Bbags that day. :graucho:

    I'm not the hippest person in the world, but I've never been accused of not having a sense of style. Bbags are so understated, well, maybe not so much the GH, that they can't help but be stylish. Bbags, particularly the motorcycle line, don't need monograms emblazoned all over to be identified as the iconic bags that they are. I like them, I buy them, and that's all that counts.

    I'd ignore these haters...
  11. I don't listen to those people. They probably wear Louis Vuitton daily and went all out on boho anyhow.

  12. someone has been drinking wayyy too much haterade! i love balenciaga bags because the style is classy yet trendy! i can totally carry it with jeans and a cute top...or a chic summer dress! it is a truly versatile bag!
  13. lol that chick that writes those is kinda ditzy... either that or the article on Nicole was just talking about the fact that she never carries ANYTHING but a bbag? and even so, who cares? if she likes her bbags let her carry them. der der der lady.....