Why are paddington's so much?


Hermes Only
Jan 18, 2006
Please don't kill be here but I was wondering why paddington's cost what they do. I recently purchased an orange paddy and decided to sell because I didn't feel the "value" in the bag. I paid like 1400 so a little less than retai, but I was not blown away by the quality. So what makes them so much?
I have yet to pay full retail on my paddys and I think the most I would pay would be 1200, but the most i've ever paid so far is $1100. the one chloe bag I did overpay for was a chloe medium betty from december 06 $2K. but it was worth it because the style/color is sold out, impossible to find, and discontinued.
Honestly I don't know why. I refuse to pay full price for a Chloe because I've seen most of them go on sale at least for a first cut of prices. I've paid full price for 1 of my Chloes and that's my shoulder paddy.

I never saw it on sale either.
Every company wants to derive the maximum profit, and for high-end designers, also maintain some exclusivity. So, taking into account projected demand and supply – somewhere in between is the retail price. Just simple economics.

If people are willing to pay, why not?
However they are supplying more than the demand. Because if I KNEW that all of the paddies would be gone before sales time come I would get it at full price. I do that with many other brands. But I KNOW that if I wait a couple months, I can get the bag half off. If they want to make their price point valid, stop supplying as much.
Yeah but what makes Prada high end, when its just nylon with a logo?
At least with some other designers you know that they spend time and effort into the quality and the design of the bag.
maybe it was worth more back then, and now since its not as exclusive anymore: everyone has a paddy, more stores carry paddys, etc = too much. when its that readily available, who wants to buy them at full price? I do think availability of a product plays into how much its worth. I think the sales are bringing the value of current season paddys wayyy down.
i also refuse to pay full price for chloes. i think the bags have excellent quality... i LOVE the leather. But it looks kinda seasonal IMO, hence if i am patient enough, i will find one on sale eventually.