Why are my cookies so puffy and cake-like? Help!

  1. I was following a recipe for a thin, crispy chocolate chip cookie. It turned out like this:


    Why was it so puffy? Please help.. they are so cake-like on the inside too. More like muffin tops than an actual cookie :shrugs: LOL. Any tips/hints I can use for next time would be greatly appreciated!
  2. My goodness... They look YUMMY! :drool:
  3. maybe cut back on any actives that might be in the recipe, baking powder or soda, it's hard to say without looking at the recipe.
  4. Did you use margarine instead of butter? That will do it. Did you use the right size eggs, or convert if you used the wrong size? Did you use the right kind of flour? The problem is usually due to too much moisture and/or not enough protein.
  5. Oh thank you! :yahoo: If you were closer I'd deliver you some!

    The recipe called for 1 teaspoon baking soda. I halved the recipe and used 1/2 tsp (I have measuring spoons so it was pretty accurate). Perhaps I can make it 1/4 next time?

    I used salted butter, and the right size egg and all-purpose flour as stated in the recipe. I didn't use any substitutions. If it's due to too much moisture though - maybe I could try not adding the suggested 1 tsp of water. Or, does melting the butter in the microwave until it is liquid have anything to do with the excess moisture content? I was too lazy to wait for it to soften at room temperature.
  6. First of all never use salted butter. Always use unsalted for baking. and second, I believe that you made a big mistake melting the butter. I have never done that.
    But the fun is in the trying and now try again. Don't change the soda though. I hope they turn out better. I bake a lot and it is so fun to make a recipe my own. Good luck!
  7. A good place to search might be The Food Network, I know Alton Brown did a show on cookies that explains what makes chewy, cakey, crispy, etc.
  8. Yeah, it was definitely because you melted the butter.
  9. Thank you girls!! I will never microwave the butter again! I'm excited about my next batch.. thanks again :tup:
  10. Cookies usually have a mixture of baking soda and baking powder, or just baking soda. Baking soda is an alkali and weakens the proteins and makes the cookie spread. It maybe that the baking soda you used wasn't enough?
  11. ^^ITA!

    Those look wonderful!
  12. Hmm, I don't think its from the melted butter, it may be the recipe. One of my fave recipes for choc chips cookies is from America's Test kitchen, and it calls for melting the butter, and mine turn out chewy. If you want thin and chewy, the recipe usually requires a lot of brown sugar, usually a two to one ratio to white sugar. You mentioned water, most choc chip cookie recipes don't add water, so that is unusual, maybe that's the problem?

    Good luck, I don't care for cakey cookies either :yes:
  13. I'm guessing they also reduce the number of egg whites in the recipe. The combination of melting the butter and reducing the egg whites will make them chewy. I'm thinking OP's recipe was for a crispier cookie, not a chewy one, in which case it is a mistake to melt the butter.