Why are LVs referred to as She?

  1. Always wondered about this...why are LVs referred to as she. I have heard it used in reference to a Speedy and a Peit Noe. Me, I always call them Baby. :yes:

  2. For me, I like to think of them as a little, tiny, extension of me!! ha ha!!
  3. I called them "she" because the styles I wear are geared toward women (although I know a couple guys with speedys)......my favorite ones actually have names LOL
  4. because they are pretty..the only he I have is panda cles..dunno why..he's my little guy
  5. They're whatever you want them to be. I've named all mine. :shame:
  6. For me I would feel weird referring to my bag as a "He".

    Just does not sound right:shrugs:
  7. But I haven't heard this done with other kinds of bags. (I do have one named Brownie, but that's not LV)
  8. I call my Abbesses "him" and my Panda Cles "Nick". :p
  9. LOL Nick the Panda! :lol:

    If it's a bag geared to a girl, it's a she to me. If it's a guy bag, it's a he. :biggrin:

    My plat is the platypus and my DH calls my Wapity a "Poppity" because it goes in my Popincort. :biggrin:
  10. Love the one about the panda...cute.
  11. I call my stuff "he" but my stuff is all pretty butch . . . Damier keepall, Damier cles, Taiga wallet, Epi business card holder . . .
  12. The only bag I called "he" is my black epi alma. The rest are "she"
  13. ITA. I refer to them as "she", its been a habit. lol :nuts:
  14. because they're such pretty little ladies, oh yes they are.

    my first ever lv, a mono 25, is called "little miss" lol
  15. People on here do that will all kinds of bags...not just LV. And I mean I think most people do it because they are females carrying bags meant for females. So they call it "she" as opposed to "he."