Why are LV's More Expensive Than....

  1. As you may know I am trying to find a messenger bag for my son. I have been looking at Dior Homme, Fendi, Gucci, Prada and of course LV. I havenoticed that all of the bags are relativly the same size. Mostly around $500. But then the LV Damier Geant Messager jumps up to $1120. Why?
  2. workmanship and to make it exclusive.
  3. complex economic factors? :shrugs:
  4. No complex economic factors, just corp. greed.
  5. Because it's Louis Vuitton [​IMG]
  6. I think corporate greed can fall under the definition of an economic factor.

    One of basic principles of economics is that the value of something is determined by what someone will pay for it.
  7. I guess because they know people will buy it no matter what the $$$!
  8. As stated above, because it is Louis Vuitton and it's hand-made, not machine manufacturered - not sure if all the pieces qualify though?

    ....why are the prices so high, contact Louis Vuitton directly....we don't know but we will continue paying the price for quality!

    After all...what's the old saying, you pay for quality and quality lasts!!!
  9. The main reason my husband only buys me LV bags is because you will never find them having a sale, not sure on all of the other brands you stated but know some do have sales, meaning an LV purchase can only go up in value.
  10. it's easy I used to love dior homme leather goods but never managed to buy any and even tough some of them are made of canvas with leather trim they are nothing compared to Louis Vuitton and all of the brands you mentioned go on sale Lv never goes on sale by doing that it maintain's itself exclusive therefor making it more expensive than other brand along with their heritage, and about the Damier Geant line it is more expensive since it's Exquisitly made from technical fiber similar to those used in rock climbbing all items from that line are flaw less and my favorite line, I recomend to you the Loup eLUXURY - Louis Vuitton - Damier Géant Canvas Loup Louis Vuitton[/url ]another alternative to the messanger it holds the same amount and has the same compartments and another reason the messanger it's more expensive $1120 it's because it was designed to hold a laptop and the compartment is remobable...:flowers:
  11. besides the quality, it's LV's name you are paying for.
  12. True! lol! I love that smiley. I am planning to give my bro a messenger bag from LV when he goes to High School!
  13. The damier geant messager does come with an extra hard compartement for laptops. Does the other brands have this also? It's also made out of not regular canvas but a super resitant (allthough my bag proved that wrong. :rolleyes: ) canvas that is also used for climbing etc.
  14. In addition to the quality and history, it's also because of the constant price increases..the price of the Euro keeps going up while the price of the dollar keeps going down.
    However with the way they add certain dollar amounts to each piece..I don't really think they have a rhyme or reason to that. With the last increase, some pieces' prices jumped a lot and others of the same size or price range, not so much.
  15. I thought LV's were expensive until I looked at Chanel and Hermes:graucho:. I don't know about the other brands you've mentioned, but the quality and workmanship of LV is excellent; their bags last for years and never go out of style.