Why are LV the most popular fakes ?

  1. Following Iqaganda's poll, why do you think LV fakes are so much everywhere ???
    My personal input would be that people buy fakes for the status of the original brand from which they want a piece -just not at real cost- so they'd go for monogram/big logo bags....that's LV, Dior, Gucci, Chanel
    They prefer long time luxury brands, eg Chloé vs Chanel ? bc of the general public awareness.
    Despite seing more and more "it bags" copied...it's still minority in the world of fakes.
    It's maybe an age thing, LV is appealing to a large spectrum of women, contrary of Coach more appealing to young girls.
    It's difficult to make a good quilted Chanel, but so is a good and well assembled monogram !!
    From the 16 yo ghetto girl in track suit to my company's cleaning lady everyone has her fake LV !
    So in the world of old history in luxury and visible logo/monogram, why LV ?
  2. I'd say its defiantly because its a logo which is recognised by a lot of people. You always seem to notice that the collection the bag is aiming to be a copy of never quite fits one caterfory. Such as you see Dior fakes with the girly flowers on the detective pattern bag. As long as the recognised symbol is on it thats all people care about and I'd say LV is just the most well known. I really wish people would just stop with all the copies. I'd much rather see somebody carrying a mega cheap bag from primark which looks nice than a ugly fake designer x
  3. The "it" bags, which is normally siggy/mono bags are faked the most.

    I don't believe in fakes and it really makes me mad to see people carrying them. I would rather not carry a bag if I couldn't afford to buy the real thing.
  4. LV bags are copied because they are so easy to copy, which is why I stay away from that brand. Don't hate me for this, but I've never found the craftmanship of LV bags to match Balenciaga or Ferragamo. The leather isn't distinguishable, either, like you would find in a Mulberry or Tod's bag. Easily made, easily copied. Some of the LV bags do have great hardware accents, though.
  5. ^^There is nothing wrong with LV's craftmanship- if there is the slightest error they will replace it with a flawless bag even years after original purchase. And the leather is very distinguishable- very rarely will you see a fake with real vachetta that'll patina and turn darker with age.
  6. I am not a hardcore LV fan at all, but I own some of their pieces. IMHO, only someone who wasn't firmiliar with all of their lines would say this. While the mono may be easy to copy, I think that the Suhali and some of their other lines are very distingushable to someone who is truly aware of the brand... it is also not nearly as faked.
  7. They may be able to fake the "look" of an LV bag somewhat, but they sure can't fake the quality. I've never seen a fake LV that could hold a candle to the real thing.
  8. For the record...

    I meant that some of the LV styles (well, just the monogram) are not visually distinguishable. It is a great brand, but people carry those nasty fakes because they can get away with it without other people knowing (unless the bag is touched or held). Of course the real thing will be heavier than the fake! I'm sure that the pleather or fabric of any fake bag is nothing like the leather or canvas of a real bag, but it's too hard to tell on eBay and the like.

    Has anyone else avoided a certain brand because it was copied so often? I only avoid LV mono and Prada nylon because those are the most copied bags in my region.

    FYI, I do love the Suhali laimable (spelling?). It's on the list of things that I might buy if I get a certain score on my medical boards. :smile: Like I said in my previous post, I love LV bags with hardware.
  9. I too actually avoid the LV mono and the CHANEL Cambons due to the numerous number of counterfeits. The Cambon isn't hard to stay away from b/c I have never been a fan of it. The Mono, however is one that I actually like but it's just everywhere and it just makes the bags seem less special, even if they are real. It appeals less to me now than it would have say, 10 years ago.
  10. i totally agree, i actually decided a while back to not buy bags that are counterfeited widely. LV monogram was one of them. i actually wouldn't mind an Epi or Damier since even though they're counterfeited, but to a lesser degree. so to save myself the trouble, i almost never buy bags with signature monograms.
  11. LV is the most widely counterfeited brand because the monogram is so recognizable and because the brand is known for its status.

    As a general rule, people who buy fakes want to fake their status, so they go for bags with monograms or logos. Although other styles are made, the bulk of the fake market is in easily recognizable logos. This is the primary reason I prefer more subtle bags. I feel that the quality of a designer bag will speak for itself without having a logo or monogram speaking for it.
  12. I agree that the LV monogram is one of the most recognised. Thats why even the really really bad fakes (you know the ones that have stars and flowers instead of the proper monogram) are everywhere - my cousin had one the other night and I just couldn't bring myself to say - "you know that is a terrible fake and nothing like th real thing don't you?" although I desperately wanted to.

    I'm not going to comment on what I think about fake bags and we all know what everybody on this forum thinks about them!
  13. I think there is some kind of shift in the fake LV trend going in my region. I used to see fake mono bags all the time. Now, I rarely see any at all. However, I am constantly seeing fake Chanel Cambon totes! I was at the mall the other day, and I swear I saw at least 10 people with fake Cambons. I didn't see a single fake LV. In fact, the last time I saw anyone carrying LV at all around here, it was an absolutely gorgeous and absolutely real Dentelle BH! I was like :drool:
  14. I'm reading these comments about, "I won't buy LV because it is widely copied..."

    That doesn't affect me at all. I don't care who is carrying fakes or how that affects my handbag. I have two LV in my collection, and they are there because I personally adore them. I have LV Mono Speedy, and LV Blue Epi Petit Noe. I get great pleasure out of using them and touching them. And if a person has a fake, it doesn't affect my bag, it only makes my bag better.

    At a much younger age, I bought a fake LV, thinking it would satisfy my craving for an LV. And guess what, it didn't. I knew it was fake and it caused me great unhappiness. So I saved up for the real thing.

    Anyway, don't let what other people do, or have, affect your pleasure in your handbags. Keep your eye on your own bags and all will be well!
  15. I actually dont have a problem with people carrying OBVIOUS fakes, such as her cousin! I mean in this case there is no lv on the bag sooooo bassically they are just copying the style of the bag..which ALL designers do. So i could care less if someone buys something that resembles a real bag, but has no identifying marks such as no LV or whatever...they just like the style, probably cant afford the real thing so they go for an alternative. Nothing wrong with that imo!