Why are Kooba's so addicting?? Post-sale regrets..lol...

  1. Just when I think I'll never ever buy another Kooba bag again because "I have enough" I want more!
    I'm so tempted for those Kooba sample sales. The bags are beautiful and the leather rocks. I want almost every bag in every color :wtf: I'm sorry I didn't take home a Black Nicole (why oh why didn't I take home a black Nicole :crybaby:) a Ryan in Black Python and the Ink Parker (which I never even knew about until I saw it there actually). Now I feel like the bags I didn't get - I'm obsessed with. LOL, also, I told myself the slate Meredith was too big for me but yet I still want one LOL..:cursing:
  2. haha Welcome to the madness!

    I swear, I think NONE of us will be happy until we have EVERY style in EVERY color and EVERY leather/material available. Even then, contentment is suspect! :graucho:
  3. You got that right, Grace. And even when we think one just "isn't me" and sell it, we suffer seller's remorse and go right back and find another one just like it to buy, or we buy two, one as a spare. That's true addiction.
  4. I know what you mean...I never heard of Kooba and then just found the Brown Carla and the Moss Sienna and had to buy both because the price was so good! AND they are adorable bags! I may have to sell the Moss Sienna cause that green doesn't really match anything in my wardrobe. Wish I'd found it in the darker green color!
  5. I found my desert Sienna last year on a random whim. I had never heard of Kooba and just liked this bag even though it was a departure from my other styles. Now I'm hooked!
  6. I just LOVE Siennas. I've seen a couple olive green ones on eBay lately. There's a recent thread about one. Gorgeous bag. Keep watching, one will turn up and then you can sell your moss.
  7. Hmmmm.....can I quote you on that? That's my mantra! :nuts:
  8. Let me tell you, I bought my first one from Nunnla up there and I swear that she put a spell on me because I am addicted! :smile:

    I went from one, to five in like 3 weeks! I just got home from Saks Off 5th and I almost bought some more! I have to stop!!!!!! I am usually like the one purse for a year girl.