Why are Hermes bags so expensive?

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  1. Hi, all!

    This is an honest, out-of-curiousity question, and I'm not trying to start a debate or anything, but I'm genuinely wondering why Hermes bags (like the Birkin, etc) are so expensive? I tried doing some online research but can't really find anything...

    Is it the material? The craftmanship? The history? Quality?

    I skimmed over the wikipedia page on the company, but I will again... I'm more of a LV/Fendi/Gucci fella, so I really have no experience with Hermes or have any opinion about it, but from what I've seen, they look like lovely pieces! I love looking at everyone's reveals...

    So yeah, what makes it "worth" it to you?
  2. Ooo, what a great question!
    I don't own a birkin yet, but for me it's the colors/shape that I love. I have a few Chanel's but always get in red or black because IMO, any other color just doesn't look right...but with birkins the more color the better! I LOVE the rose lipstick, jaune d'or, and blue electric. The quality isn't a factor for me because in my experience pretty much all designer bags hold up extremely well.
    But on top of all that I love that its a symbol of hard work. Someone ( you, parents, spouse) had to put in a lot of dedication, determination, blood, sweat and tears to make dreams come true. And buying something you've always dreamed of as a result of hard work is awesome!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.