Why are EPI Pochettes so inexensive on ebay?

  1. Looking through the EPI pochettes on eBay, all of them seem to be going for under $200. Even those from sellers with perfect feedback. Why?
  2. Not really sure... I think it's the same with Monogram Canvas Pochettes? Could it be because the strap is so thin? :shrugs:
  3. b/c the pochette phase died? prices used to be higher years ago when celebs first show up in pix w/pochette, but Epi is less popular line of LV, so not that many pp know about it anyway.:shrugs:
  4. Simple economics: supply versus demand.
  5. Well, think of it this way, an epi pochette new is only $360 new from LV. In order to take the risk of buying on eBay and buying used, people want to save at least $100-$150 dollars, which for small items is a big percent. In general if it was only about saving $50 or something, I would just buy in the store. Now, of course, limited items are a whole different story.

  6. Think this sums it up ^^^^^:yes:
  7. I also would spend a few bucks more to get the "real" deal...so many fakes still out there...:cursing:
  8. I've noticed this too. Maybe because they are lees popular???
  9. I also think it's because they're pretty tiny. They don't really work for a pochette as well as the mono versions do.
  10. Yupp..:yes: