Why are Chanel handbags so expensive?

  1. i bought my first non=designer bag in 4 years yesterday

    The truth is i didn't need another bag.. i just wanted to know the difference with a mid-range bag as compared to a high-end bag..

    first of all, the feeling of giddy excitement is not there

    The bag is very pretty,,. bright cobalt blue in soft calf leather.. and the design is very easy to use..and its only 300USD

    But i just dun get the same kind of feeling i get when i blow a few thousand dollars that i know i shouldn't

    i willl use the bag this weekend to do "wear and feel" test..

  2. I agree with you. Yes, maybe not us, but there are lots of young girls out there that live to follow trends in fashion. I know Chanel has withstood the ages, but there was a time when many young people would not be caught wearing a Chanel purse (I'm sure this will happen again one day). Now with so much of young Hollywood stars being photographed wearing a Chanel purse, it's becoming the new "trendy" it bag to have. This is what I've personally noticed in these past recent years. I also feel that this is one of the reasons for the crazy price increases. Chanel is getting lots of free advertisement from young Hollywood these days. I hope it ends soon.
  3. Because Coco was a genius and created every woman's dream bag........
  4. Well articulated Minal!

  5. Well for me, I want to set the bag on fire every time I see a fake or "Chanel inspired" bag (which is ALOT this past year). Almost makes me NOT want to carry my Chanel bag!!

  6. Price of purchase includes so much more than just the bag. Retail prices include materials, labor, shipping, duty, mark up, cost of operating the store, cost of shopping bags, boxes and ribbons. It's all just a business. Yes the mark up is going to be large, like 2-3 times wholesale prices but there are reasons for that and because they can charge that much is not on the top of the list.
  7. agreed!:cloud9:

  8. agree with most on here......and maybe to compensate on all the loose gusset stitching, lopsided, poor craftsmanship bags that are being turned in for repairs on the house? Ha!
  9. you get what you pay for i guess..
  10. IMO it's a combination of the mystique, the "staying power" (you can carry it forever), and the quality..especially of the older bags..and yes, let's not kid ourselves..the status :smile:
  11. I agree!
  12. Thank you all for the comments but I'm still not crazy about any Chanel handbags so far!
    I cannot justify their prices!!!
  13. Thde only way I justify the prices is the resale value
  14. :ghi5:
  15. The reason they cost so much is: 1) they keep raising the prices. Why do they raise them? Because they know people will keep buying; 2) to keep the brand in step with other luxury houses. If one raises their priced, the others do as well. (Not from my lips but from an SA who has worked the line for years.) The price hikes do not appear to be stopping despite the global economic climate for any of the houses. Pardon my sick sense of humor but I, for one, would laugh my bum off if they end up going belly up like so many other business have. (That said, I have always had a soft spot for Chanel, so you can imagine how I'd feel if I despised them.)