Why are Celine bags not that popular? Help with my dilemma please!

  1. I own a pink metallic quilted Celine boogie bag and it is absolutely beautiful however I hardly use it as it's look is quite structured and I tend to wear pretty floaty summer dresses etc so it kind of looks wrong. I have noticed on eBay sellers hardly get anything for them and when I tried to sell mine it didn't sell. Anyway since then a buyer emailed me offering £300 for it, I agreed and bought a Miu Miu bag from Bergdorf Goodman. Now I am thinking maybe I should keep it, but I have already bought the Miu Miu and returning will be a nightmare as I am in the UK. Do you think I should keep both or sell the Celine whilst I have the chance as in the future I probably won't be able to?
  2. This is the Miu Miu bag which was reduced from £600 to £300[​IMG]
  3. This is the Celine[​IMG]
  4. For me both Celine and Miu Miu are not in my interest. Anyway, I think celine Boogie bag is a nice bag. Celine is not quite famous recently and there are too many bags still left after big sales.

    300 pounds is a reasonable price. It is whether you still like it or not. personally, celine boogie will last longer than miu miu. I guess.

    From the pic, I prefer celine.
  5. Keep both, the Celine boogie bag is a lovely bag...
  6. McQueen bags aren't that popular either...but I still love 'em! That boogie looks great by the way...
  7. I would still keep the Boogie....the color is gorgeous and the Boogie is actually very easy to carry - even with summer dresses and sloppy jeans (imagine Birkins with summer dresses and sloppy jeans). Just ignore whether or not it's structured and just use it :smile: Yours is gorgeous!
  8. Thanks, do you like the Miu Miu? I am worried the metallic will rub off though, I have literally used it about 4 times since I have had it but the corners the metallic is rubbing off slightly, I guess if I hardly use it it should be ok! So you would def keep it? I am 24 in August, you don't think it's 'old' for me?
  9. Does anyone have the MiuMiu?
  10. i'm not too taken by the miu miu bag, and i have two boogies so i guess i'd say go with the boogie :lol: but i have the mid brown, and the turquoise from i think the same season the pink came out. i don't have trouble using them but i'm not sure how i'd deal with the pink since i never wear pink :confused1:
  11. Aww, I love Celine. I think their Boogie bags are iconic, really what made them come back from their stuffy past. Being a leather goods house with a saddle maker past(think LV, Hermes, Longchamp), I think it may be a bit hard for them to leave their classic heritage behind and morph into a trendy in-the-now kind of vibe. But Celine is classy in a very subtle way, a bit like Tod's. The bags aren't outrageous, but it is definitely a stylemaker(as in Madonna carrying Boogie bags while transforming her image to that of a respectable English society lady). Every now and then they'll come up with a winner/keeper.The Boogie bag was Michael Kors's lasting contribution to the house of Celine while he was their faashion director. Now they've released the newest icon of the house, the Bittersweet. I say keep the Celine for your collection, and enjoy it whenever you fancy it!
  12. Thanks, I know it's gorgeous! Do you think the metallic will all rub off?
  13. keep the boogie! it will look great with spring and summer dresses..really cute!
  14. I Love Celine
    Keep The Boogie!!!!!!!
  15. i love that boogie bag. i think you should definitely w/o a doubt keep it!! that's a pretty color too. i've been wanting a boogie bag for a long time but haven't found a color i love.