Why are BBags usually photographed flat and empty?

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  1. I've been watching on eBay and most of the authentic ones are photographed this way.

    Is it to show how smooshy and soft the leather is?

  2. my guess is - to show ppl that are wishing to buy one - that this is how it looks... like a 'as is where is' type thing... sellers want to sell it is exactly as it is therefore not giving the buyer any 'false' information or hope... well thats what i reckon anyway...

    hehehehe, Em - we can wait together for our b-bags!!! hehehehe!!! its SO exciting!!! ***hugs***
  3. I think it's also maybe because a lot of the fake ones don't necessarily take on that shape if they're too stiff and because the stock photos always show it in that stiff standing up position?
  4. I put a rectangular cushion inside my Ink City.... and bravo! Stock Photo!!:lol::lol:
    Pic10 454w.jpg Pic10 455w.jpg Pic10 456w.jpg Pic10 457w.jpg Pic10 459w.jpg
  5. i agree with susan-eric, i took pictures for my b-bags to show the slouchiness, fakes don't slouch as good as the authentic one.
  6. LOL! :lol:Soleil, you are funny! Your Ink City looks so soft!!! Now she's all set up to be a pillow.:roflmfao:
  7. Hey, you're absolutely right!! A leather pillow for moi.... hmm....yummy~:heart::P:lol:
  8. maybe because the fakes are stiff.
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