Why are Balenciaga accessories so hard to find!

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  1. Is Balenciaga beginning to phase out their smaller accessories? It seems like with every new style addition, they're discontinuing/making less of their accessories! I've been looking for either a coin purse or the new billfold like wallet and so far I've checked Aloha Rag and BalNY and none of them have what I really really want. And with BalNY, they don't expect to receive any more! They barely ever come up on eBay too! Why why oh whyyY!! Anyone have any inside scoop about the accessories for the spring? I'm beginning to think I need to waitlist for those even! :shrugs:
  2. Jdy,
    I am going to Paris in two months and can look for something there for you if you want. I'll post before I go and make a list of all the stuff people want for me to scope out for them. I'll be taking my laptop so I can give a blow by blow account when I get there. :P
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  6. what color do you want?
  7. can u pleeease fnd out what colors will be avaible next season and also whether ink will be there next season .
    thnx a ton
  8. Hee hee.

    Roo, you are so sweet to do that! Karma!
  9. ^^Ink is from last season and unfortunately they don't repeat colors.;)
  10. I wanted the billfold in either blueberry or rouge vif. BalNY only had black, caramel, and I forgot what the last color was (maybe sapin?) and don't expect to receive any more. AlohaRag had no clue what I was talking about. The coin purse was not as hard to locate...BalNY had rouge vif and AlohaRag has- I have an old catalog but I called in yesterday and they confirmed that they still have all quite a few of the older colored coin purses, and the girl mentioned that they didn't order any of the new ones. I'm just frustrated because it seems like they're really cutting back on all their orders this season :sad:
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