Why are B-Bags so addictive????

  1. I stumbled across this forum one day, looked around and found the Balenciaga section.....big mistake.:biggrin: I ended up buying a caramel first from the marketplace. Then I see pics of everyone's ink bags......next thing you know I am buying an ink twiggy on ebay.

    Now I am obsessed with finding a city! When does it end???????
  2. I don't know. I just like all the pretty colors.
  3. They come in such fabulous colors and styles they are hard to resist! It's like eating potato chips .... you can't just have one!
  4. :love: They are timeless and work with everything!
  5. The worlds most expensive potato chips! :lol:

  6. Ha! Agreed! I tend to be obsessive in general. The variations in color and style around a theme--it just feeds into it for me. I don't think I;ve ever wanted so many variants of a handbag. And every time I think I'm through--well...
  7. i love the leather variations and how each bag is so unique and individual. soo many styles and colors, so versatile, and goes with EVERYTHING! it's a terrible obsession! but i love it!
  8. there are so many amazing colors that you could buy a different balenciaga for every outfit (and if i was ridiculously rich, i would!), plus there are so many different shapes and sizes that there should be one that's perfect for everyone. most have the ability to be carried by hand, arm, or shoulder, so they're completely versatile. plus they have great leather!
  9. I have been obsessed with bags in general for years, but always fought the urge to buy a B-bag, even though I wanted one from the early days when Gwyneth and Courtney Cox were sporting them. I felt like I wasn't cool enough to pull off the motorcycle look with all the tassels, etc. I looked at them repeatedly (sure wish I bought some of those early colors) but always managed to walk away.

    Finally, I decided it was time to buy this year. Now I want them all and I'm no longer craving bags by other designers. I just want more B-bags! They are lightweight and functional and so much fun to carry. I can't wait for the fall colors so I can buy a twiggy and a day hobo.
  10. I love the potato chips analogy, Kat, and I absolutely agree, the variety of styles and colors (and the leather!), the lightness & function... I could go on and on, and I will always crave more
  11. totally agree!
  12. I keep looking at all the yummy colors and I want like 6 or 8 bags. It is so hard to choose. I can totally understand why some of you buy bags and them sell them after a while if the color isn't you.

    All the colors keep making my head spin... Ink, no Pink, No Blue India... ect.....

    Someday I will make a decision...
  13. I am SO with you, my head is spinning too from looking at all these colors! Which is kinda sad, I mean, we're just talking about handbags! I know I know, these are NOT just any bags, but sometimes I feel like I need some perspective.

    I am strictly a neutral girl: blacks, browns, camels, etc. And now I'm on the hunt for a rouge vif twiggy!! It's true girls!
  14. I agree ! It's so hard to choose one and when you finally decide on one, another posting with pics pops up and you start craving that color.. .. :P It's come to the point where I'm beginning to think if I'm a bbag schizo...
  15. TOTALLY AGREE! It's torture to pick just one color! :lol: