why are americans so obssessed with...

  1. ...sex? especially the sex lives of political figures? Currently that Foley character is all over the news, last week it was "gay governor" James McGreevey....and who can forget Wild Bill and Monica? OK, I get some of it---Bill lied under oath, Foley sent steamy emails to technically underage male pages, McGreevey...is gay, I guess, though what the big deal is about that I fail to see. It just seems that the media emphasis is on the salacious aspects in each case, rather than on anything really newsworthy. I personally don't care if Bill Clinton got a BJ from Lewinsky, I don't care that McGreevey had a homosexual affair while in office, and, while I am concerned about the potential pedophile aspects of Foley's dirty emails to the pages, those boys were in their mid-late teens, not preschoolers, and thus probably old enough to take care of themselves, so, again, I don't care. And now Foley is claiming that he was molested by a priest when he was a boy, like that's some sort of excuse for his inappropriate behavior! WTF?? Is anyone else tired of having other peoples' sex lives rammed down their throats everytime they turn on CNN?
  2. I don´t know !!! I couldn´t understand all the fuss when the clinton/lewinsky affair happened.....and people questionning if he should resign ? Could they keep such a president ? Why not such a fuss about everything that Bush has done so far.....Ok he hasn´t cheated on his wife. Only caused disasters in the humanity.
    In Europe every single Political man is suspected to have multiple affairs, hidden kids...etc....but no one really cares, as long as he does his job ! His private life remains private.
  3. I think the difference between what went on with Clinton and the other examples you cite is that we are talking about MINORS here. These are considered, in the eyes of the law, as children, not consenting adults. So I must respectfully disagree with you, they are not old enough to take care of themselves.

    Congressional pages have been around for eons and there is also a long tradition of pages being taken care of and almost "parented" by the people they work for. The assumption is that they'll be protected, not targeted by a predator.

    If Foley was indeed molested by a Priest, that is a terrible thing. That does not excuse his behavior though. Sadly, there are a lot of people who have been involved in molestation scandals involving the clergy and they are not pedophiles.

    As for sex on CNN, unfortunately sex sells. It has since the beginning of time and always will.
  4. ^ agree with roo
  5. Believe me I think the worst are English... their whole nation cares about the sex life of politicians, the Royal family, actors, footballers and the list goes on and on...

    I personally never cared but because it was everywhere at some point I got affected! LOL
  6. ^^ I Agree with CYPRUS, English seem to be more obsessed with sex life of politicians and royal family.
  7. I agree with you Madameffie. The media hypes and sensationalizes everything.

    I certainly think that kids need to be protected from sexual predators. But a sixteen year old boy could actually be sort of borderline. Some are innocent and need protection...but some teenage boys are, themselves, predatory. Boys that age have been convicted of rape.

    So while we need laws, I think some of this is individual and depends on the personalities involved. I've seen some sixteen year olds who would probably initiate some pretty sick IM's. They need help and counselling, but not in the same way as a naive, clueless kid would.
  8. The Foley issue has to do with sex with Minors. That's a whole different issue that is morally wrong and that's why it's in the news; not that he's gay. The fact that he's gay came out after the fact from his lawyer.

    So using the Foley issue is kindof off base in your example of Americans being obsessed with sex. This is a criminal issue. A man molesting children.
  9. On the Foley thing...

    It's being reported in the Drudge Report that he was "punked" by these kids. See, Foley had a rep as "liking" the boys on the hill. It was well known amongst the pages to steer clear of this guy. Anyway, these boys baited him into sending these embarassing IMs.

    The 21 year old, who was 18 at the time all of this transpired, has hired some famous attorney, if anyone knows, please refresh my memory as it escapes me at present, to represent him, so something more must be brewing.

    Now, I am not saying that any of this makes his predatory nature in any way shape or form ok. Quite the opposite. Just the fact that he resigned after all of this came to light is saying something about the crimes he's committed and just hasn't been caught for yet. There are a few other reports out there saying that he's solicited boys in N/O after Katrina. What a puke!

    Back to topic, maybe the people who are so interested in other peoples' sex lives have none of their own.
  10. I don't care if he was baited into it or whatever...the guy is a pervert. It's bad enough that there are still a lot of people who associate homosexuality with pedophilia without this guy perpetuating the stereotype by saying he's gay. You're not gay, pal. You're just a sicko who needs to be locked up.
  11. People love a scandal or anything that is out of the ordinary and not "socially correct" because it makes them feel better about themselves.
  12. ITA ArmCandyLvr
  13. I have no idea. I'm an American and personally, I'd rather not hear about it. I suppose that's why I've switched off the evening news on the TV and gone back to reading the paper or new sites on the internet. If I want something with sex in it I'll pick up a book or watch a movie.
  14. Ahhhh, now I remember. The lawyer that the former page hired is Stephen Jones who also represented Timothy McVeigh.
  15. I think it is a way for people to "escape" their lives...plus people are just plain nosy and love a scandal!!