Why are all the size 27's gone?

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  1. I'm looking for new jeans -- Citizens or Paige. I went to several sites and could hardly find any size 27's. At Revolve I must have looked at more than a dozen and every time the 27's were gone (sometimes the 28 too but always the 27). What is wrong with these retailers? Why don't they have more 27's in stock since that seems the be the size that always goes first? Or is it just a really bad time to be looking for jeans?

    Any one have any suggestions? What I want is what everyone seems to want right now -- dark, minimal distressing, no washed crazy stuff, moderate boot cut.

    I went to a local store today -- the only one that has any good brands -- and they had hardly any 27's either. There was only one pair I liked and they weren't dark! I live in Rochester -- about 6 hours from the nearest Niemans!

    What is wrong?
  2. I can only think of 2 possible theories: either the size is so popular that the stores are always out of stock, OR hardly anyone wears a size 27 so retailers don't bother ordering that size.

    What do you think?
  3. 27 is a pretty small size... translates to a 5-6, so I would like to tell myself that not too many people are that size... but hey, they probably are.
  4. 26-27 are the most popular jean sizes so i'm sure it's cuz they are all out cuz everyone ordered them already.
  5. I was wondering that the other day! everytime I go shopping for jeans there are barley any size 27's. There are always size 24,29,31!.. I wear size 26/27
  6. I think they're the most popular size too... I wear a smaller size and when I went jeans-shopping at Nordstrom, they told me they only ordered (and had sold it) 1 pair in that size :sad:

    I wish retailers would just stock oodles and oodles of all sizes!
  7. yeah usually the smaller sizes sell out faster. and at the department stores i've talked to, they don't order as many of the smaller sizes. some online places restock every so often, so if you catch them at that time, its great.
    if you're looking for paiges, try filene's basement or the Nordstrom rack, they had tons of them when i was there. i may have seen a few a Nordstrom.com on sale too, not sure of the sizes, i don't really care for paiges.
  8. I thought 28 was the most popular size. I work at H&M and the 28's go quickly. We have plenty of 27 for pants/jeans because not many people can fit into them. Tops are different though. All the size 4 and 6 tops sell really quickly. I guess most women are bigger on the bottom than the top.
  9. Thanks Ashleyby for the site! Didn't find any there right now but will go back and look again.
  10. Keep in mind that a lot of really young and tiny girls (high school and college age) tend to buy designer jeans...so they probably snatch up all the little sizes:smile:

    Although I agree, since stores KNOW that 27 is a popular size, why don't they get more???

    Here at Penn State we actually have the same problem w/ 24,5,and 6 too (little freshmen grab em all, lol!)
  11. OMG!!! I ask myself the same question (but for a size 24!!). I like to try and buy my jeans from macy*s but everytime I go there, all the 24s are GONE. it drives me UP the wall!!!!

    For Paige, depending on how you like your jeans, you might want to size up (or down). They may be tight at first but they stretch a lot so if you like your jeans tight, sizing down might help. And if you like your jeans a little loose, size up
  12. WEll, I can promise they are NOT in my closet. lol
  13. Lol!

    Same here. I'm (roughly) a size 32.
  14. Right there with you sister...31 here....