Why are all the cute bags brass & the cute jewelry silver? Arrgh!

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  1. This drives me *crazy*! I have a demi Carly & hopefully soon a Pond Hobo... Both Brass! All I want to do is dress them up (in my mind) with some pretty jewelry and all there is in brass is "cute" leather charms. Grrr.....

    Think about it.. wouldn't that cute ladybug-on-flower, dragonfly, or spring pave mix look ADORABLE on a pond hobo? NOT to be because they're all SILVER!

    Argh... :sad:

    Anyone know of any cute brass charms/keyfobs? :'(
  2. I know what you mean about the charms/keyfobs. There are some that I want so bad for certain bags but the hardware doesn't match! I wish you could switch them around on the hardware. I've seen people mismatch theirs and it actually looks good! I guess it just depends on the bag and charm.

    My favorite brass charm is the signature patchwork flower charm. It matches a lot of bags because its different colors. I currently have this one on my hamptons carryall. I might also suggest the new star luggage charm or maybe an initial charm?
  3. Ooh, I totally know what you mean! I have nickel keyfobs/charms and brass hardware bags. Its so hard and frustrating to find stuff that matches! I have that gold fish keyfob, I love it! It's my favorite keyfob, but it's nickel! Aaarg! I don't know of any cute brass charms, maybe the other tPFers could help out.
  4. Agree,I wish you could order them in brass or silver :biggrin:

    I'm lucky enough that i have three of the flower charms and the blue on is silver so it will work with a few of my bags but the one I wanted it for :sad: i need brass. But thats ok I dont really mind.