Why Apple over Coach brand cleaner & conditioner?

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  1. I see a lot of people on here mentioning Apple leather cleaner/conditioner.

    Why is it better than the cleaner & conditioner that Coach sells? Or is it?

    Where can it be found?
  2. 100% of leather COACH bags I have purchased (and believe me, I've had my share) says NOT to use their cleaners & conditioners. The #1 reason for this is due to the fact that the COACH leather conditioner has silicone in it and that silicone keeps the leather from breathing. Overtime this will cause damage to the leather's look & feel. Apple is safe for all leathers with the exception of suede in which Apple has a specific product for that!!!

    Apple cleaner can pull the dye from your bags, so always do a test spot somewhere that you can't se it prior to using it all over the bag.

    The Apple products can be found at LeatherStuff.com | Leather Wallets & Handbags

    You may also want to purchase the rain/stainguard as it works well for almost all leather COACH bags!!!

    Apple is by FAR the best product for your leather bags!!!!
  3. I also just purchased it and have not used it... By what I hear the Apple Conditioner is more natural and does not stain....
  4. My reasons:
    Because Coach doesn't even recommend their own products on many of their bags (Madison line, legacy, etc.).
    And because Coach products have silicone so the leather cannot breathe and future moisture cannot properly get to the leather.

    Most brands are better than Coach moisturizer, Apple being one of the best (especially for the price... there are higher end products like Loving my Bags which is supposed to be good, but too pricey for me). The apple moisturizer is also a gentle cleaner, so it moisturizes while it cleans. I do not use Apple cleaner and heard good and bag things about it.
  5. I always use Apple conditioner on my leather bags/bag parts. And I use Shining Monkey spray (fabric protector) inside all of my bags. Some people even use Shining Monkey on their leathers. Shining Monkey was made for car interiors, leather included, originally.

    Btw, Apple Conditioner can also be purchased at Burlington Coat Factory stores. But I had to hunt down Shining Monkey spray online.

  6. As was already mentioned, Coach conditioner has silicones that aren't good for your leathers.
  7. Can you use the apple product on the legacy line? My poor Leigh looks "ashy" like a person who does with dry skin in need of some moisturizer but I was afraid to use anything b/c of the care card from coach.
  8. Yes. That is what I mean - Coach doesn't reccomend their products on a bunch of stuff, but Apple works great. It will help even out any stains. The color may look darker for a little bit, but it dries nice and evenly.
  9. Don't be afraid of Apple, use it where no Coach conditioner has ever gone before!!!
  10. Gosh, good to learn about Apple!
  11. I learned about Apple on TPF, and have used the moisturizer and rain/stain guard spray on several leather bags without any problems - it works great. The moisturizer has an odd smell that I don't really like, but that goes away after a few days and then the leather smell should be back.
  12. Ditto :smile: I just apple'd my parker hippie today after removing the ink stain on the lining, and I'm waiting to rain garde it
  13. Good to know. And you guys have scared me off Coach conditioner. Have I actually damaged my bags by using Coach conditioner?!?!?!?:wondering
  14. I don't know if that's the case. But just to be on the safe side I would use apple from now on. My parker hippie feels so much softer and less... dry since using apple. I had a white legacy wristlet that was rather dingy looking and used the apple conditioner on it. It lightened a teensy tiny ink mark on it and cleaned the rest of the bag right up :smile: I haven't used the rain and stain garde because I ran out of time before work, but I wil be using it tomorrow ;)

    Here's the link to michelle's post that introduced me to proper apple leather care:


    HTH ^_^