Why am I such a chicken with my white bags?

  1. I absolutely love how fresh and sleek white bags look and Chanel (ofcourse) has the most amazing white bags. I have two white bags right now which I just love but I am afraid to wear them. I am so mad at myself! How do I get over this?
  2. i hear ya!! i am also torn about this, love chanel white bags but i am too chicken to buy them coz i know i won't use them, too afraid to get them dirty!
  3. hmmmm......Go to yer kids softball game wearing one..That ought to cure that fear...ROFL

    JOKING....I swear,.........Actually I do take my Chanels to school stuff....you just gotta break them in once and then youll be fine!U CAN DO IT GIRL!!!LOL! I was the same way with my blush gauffre..took me a month before I took her oout for a test run..heehee
  4. I know what you mean. I have NO white bags, and can't bring myself to buy one. This is why I got the light silver CC Tote. I want to get a white bag, but I know it will just sit in my closet.
  5. I am right there with you girls. My brand new white Bbag from last year sits in her dust bag used maybe two or three times. I want a white Chanel so bad but I know I will be to chicken to use it because it might get dirty or color transfer.

  6. Maybe I should just let Little Rocker take it to nursery school...but then it will be a gray bag so I wouldn't have anything to worry about!:nuts:
  7. remind me which two Stace?
  8. I have the reissue which has just sat in the dustbag unused since I got it and the white diamond stitch which has enjoyed a very few wears
  9. We must all be on the same Chanel Zone,:smile: I was just thinking I would love a jumbo classic white flap, but would be afraid to wear it. Then I saw this thread, ;) Anyone out there have one and do you have to be xtra careful in regard to wearing it, and getting it "dirty" How does it stand up in regard to everyday use. Thanks for any info.:wondering
  10. How about this, send them to me, I will wear them in, get them a bit messy, then send them right back (I promise..) and that way I will do the dirty work for you. I know it is a sacrifice on my part, but I am willing to do it.:whistle:
  11. Stacy, ITS w/Jill! After the initial test run, you will be fine. It's the same w/lambskin bags, I was so scared to take them out. I finally did and after that first test run, I was fine.:yes:
  12. I could never buy a white bag for this reason. I am flippy enough with my beige bags nevermind white. You just have to do it I guess and invest in lots of Huggies w/shea butter wipes! Better yet, keep a bunch inside the bag for a safety net!
  13. I don't think you can get over it, i'm the same way with light colored bags. I think you just have to suck it up and take them out for a spin :yes: And most leather bags or that type of material can go through anything and be easily fixed I'm sure
  14. I was absolutely the same with my jumbo caviar classic flap..........remember my thread a couple of months back where i almost had to be institutionized for depression because she had some slight color transfer on her? In fact, I couldnt even write the thread - Maxaluna had to do it because I was almost comatose :crybaby: It was the first time she and I went out together, to show her off? :p Well, havent had a prob since, but treated her with some special stuff........that my very excellent shoe repair shop recommended, called LCi Spot Remover: the dry cleaner for leather" Now if she gets a smidge of something on her, I just wipe it off.......the spot remover prevents anything to become deeply ingrained so it cannot be removed. I will still always baby her more than my other Chanels, but the major crippling worry is gone........
  15. I am in love with all white, cream , beige and light colored bags. In the past I treated them bad, I mean really bad ,lip gloss and cocktails spilled all over them. Now I am more carefull, someone here had a great suggestion of carrying a small pack of baby wipes and wiping your hands and the bag down if it comes in contact with any dirt. It also depends on the leather I have a cream leather bag that the leather is so soft and perfect I am scared to use it in the real world . lol and have people breath on it hahah, ok that is extreme but we need to get over it and use them before they just sit in our closets. I know its easier said then done.