why am i still here?

  1. ok...class is at 4pm...less than an hour to go. my final paper is due today. 4 more questions to answer...why am i still on pf? i think i need to be banned :biggrin:
  2. swee7beb i know how u feel.....i should be studying for my exams....but with that said, GO AWAY AND GET TO WORK!!! :mad:

    i needed someone on the forum to yell at me too :lol:
  3. Swee7bebe
    Could you two please go back to study??? Exams are almost over, after that u2 can be on the PF all you want. heheheh....
  4. I know what ya mean. I did my final paper yesterday inbetween looking at posts of PF!!!! It wasn't easy!!!! :smile:
  5. NOTE FOR PF MEMBER swee7be be: The pf is temporarily being shut down for students who need to study!! Please turn off computer until homework is done!! Best regaurds, another pf addict!! LOL
  6. ...because you're addicted! LOL! like many of us... :biggrin:
  7. I wonder the same thing about myself... I have an exam on friday, and I'm only halfway through chapter one in the study book.. I'm dead.
  8. LOL same here :P
    Property exam on Friday ummmmm
  9. i even tried switching off my wireless but that doesn't relaly do anything since i switch it right back on......we should have a special feature where other members ban us for the duration of our studies....i need it :cry:
  10. good luck :P...i have my property exam next friday :Push:
  11. LOL!:lol::lol::lol: I'm on all the time, too (though I'm not in school - get back to studying!:biggrin:) It's 'cause you all are so nice and fun to chat with!
  12. ok so i think i'm going to end up skippng my class and just emailing the final to my teacher. she said as long as we email the final to her it's fine. aarrrgh. i don't know what's wrong with me...i was never this lazy in nursing school.
  13. you weren't a member of the purse blog then!:lol:
  14. FINALLY finished my paper...*W:huh:hOo*!! no more school...er...no more going to school anyway. i'm still taking an online class that starts in two weeks. yuck. when is this ever going to end?
  15. :lol: :lol: I know how you feel! I'm not in school anymore but our home computer had a harddrive crash a couple of weeks ago and I was without a computer for a week. Never mind the fact that I lost photos,etc-I couldn't get on the pf! I thought I was going to go into withdrawals! I don't have a job that involves a computer so I was nuts!! This place can be so addictive!! If I had a computer at work I could see myself being on pf all day and getting nothing done:lol: