Why am I so intimidated of this bag!!!! The Untouchable Black Box Birkin RH

  1. Hello Ladies,.... I'm in awe!

    Before the year ended, I had alerted every damn SA I have ever known that I was looking for a Black Box Birkin in any kind of hardware and that if they could make the hardware exotic it would make the bag o so more special.

    Well, yesterday the phone rang, and it wasn't my daughter asking me if she could go to the mall and be a mall rat with the rest of the little brats she hangs out with or my husband asking me "what's for dinner" or my sister complaining about her husband! It was one of my first dearest SA's,..... May I add not from Madison Ave!

    She had the sweetes words come out of her mouth,... Black Box Birkin with Ruthentium Hardware, man I dropped the phone! Can you imagine what happened next! Got the twilly to go with her and last month I just happened to find these gloves in Madison ave, They have ruthenium hardware too!

    Well here she is, finally,.... here she is! :love:
  2. :yahoo: :yahoo: OMG, I just got up off the floor - I fainted..... That Birkin. Those Gloves. The Twilly - you are gonna look (in the words of my best gay guy, snapping his fingers) FIERCE Girlfriend.....

    Enjoy :heart:
  3. The reason for my title,

    I can't seem to touch this bag! It's so perfect!!!! It's on my night stand and I just look at it. I haven't even switched my stuff over like I usually do, even the sticker is still on :wtf: I wonder how long this is gonna last? I'm in awe!
  4. :yahoo: Congrats!!!!! Sooo gorgeous!!! :drool: :drool: :drool:
  5. Thanks Cutie!

    If only I can pick myself off the floor and grab this baby!!!!
  6. got your PM and popped right over. It's gorgous, and I can just see you rocking this Baggs, CONGRATS!!!! There's really nothing like black box!!!!! LOVE THIS!
  7. hahaa... the samething happened to me when I got my BB Kelly, I just let it sit there and stared at it for days before I actually used it, and then I hated how every little fingerprint showed up after I touch it, but once you really start to use it and relax it's fabulous!!
  8. I hope so, but it's so shiney! My eyes! my eyes!
  9. Gorgeous !!!! I'm supposed to be 'in line' for 35cm black box w/gold hdware. one day...

    Congratulations - I'm just pea green with envy !
  10. baggs, that black box birkin is def. irresistable! I don't blame you, i'd place mine in a pedestal!
  11. Oh man,... Where were you last week!!!! They had one on the floor at Madison!!!!!!!! You missed it, why didn't they call you!
  12. Beautiful bag!!! Congratulations!!!

    She is such a fabulous bag and the ruthenium hardware really makes the bag more special!

    Black or chocolate brown BOX is definitely on my wishlist!
  13. Now that I've picked myself off the floor, still a little dizzy, overwhelmed by its beauty...

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, elegant, incomparable.

    Black box with ruthenium hardware.

    I'm in love with your bag. :drool: :drool:
  14. Wow , that is one serious birkin.... I am in love.... i understand what you mean about using her... i just got the tiniest scratch on my cyclamin birkin corner...:push: Its fine as its tiny and in epsom but man its annoying day one ... anyway i hope you find the strength to just go fill it up and take her for a bit of NY air....
  15. BAGGS, you are killing me over here! What an utterly PERFECT combination and those gloves are beyond perfection--they go just perfectly. You have got to take this baby out for a spin assuming it's dry over there.